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Raider12 16.10.2018 07:25 AM

Week 7. Broncos @ Cardinals.
I will be posting the other week 7 threads late Friday as I am currently away.


DarwinTheAardvark 18.10.2018 04:02 PM

Jake Plummer bowl! With Josh Rosen going through the usual ups and downs of a rookie QB, the Cardinals should be looking to give David Johnson a heavy workload against a terrible Denver run Defense.

The Broncos didn’t disgrace themselves against the Rams, although the game wasn’t as close as the score suggests, and providing they avoid turning it over, they should have enough firepower to edge this.

Cardinals 20 Broncos 23

Lonestar1963 18.10.2018 06:24 PM

Well hope you got the score wrong cos I have gone under 39.5! I expect a low scoring run fest with neither team able to stop being gashed, big game for Johnson and Lindsey/Freeman i suspect. C ards season is on the line already and think they may sneak it 17-14

Martz 18.10.2018 11:59 PM

Predicted 17@20. I think Christian Kirk will have a good game too.

First game this year I'm going to watch on the laptop, rather than the tv, so I can post if others are following the game.

Martz 19.10.2018 12:27 AM

Arizona just started as bad as they possibly could.

DarwinTheAardvark 19.10.2018 01:05 AM

Rosen’s having a nightmare...

Martz 19.10.2018 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by DarwinTheAardvark (Post 2387442)
Rosen’s having a nightmare...

Whole team is having a nightmare. Why are you not posting under Wayne by the way?

DarwinTheAardvark 19.10.2018 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Martz (Post 2387443)
Whole team is having a nightmare. Why are you not posting under Wayne by the way?

For some reason, the site’s been unusably slow when I’m signed in on that account since last week. Works fine on this one though...

Martz 19.10.2018 01:44 AM

Losing interest in this game already, but kind of forced to stay up and watch it as I'm preparing for night shifts starting tomorrow night....

goodkarma84 19.10.2018 04:04 AM

well that was as one sided as it gets, Broncos came to play.

the only good thing was that before kick off i picked up the Broncos D :D

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