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bright_blue_shorts 24.04.2005 02:09 AM

Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
We don't appear to have an official Raiders thread in C2M's list, so I thought I would do the christening honours.

How 'bout dem Raiders?

Finally beginning to draft sensibly for almost 2 years in a row. This year, top 2 picks have been CBs and 4th pick is an ILB. A QB (3rd pick) isn't so bad, gives him a little time to develop behind Collins (ever noticed how Gannon gets no press these days?); although Collins potentially has another 5 years left. There was that moment when we traded up in the 1st (with Seattle) where it looked possible we'd be taking Rodgers. Not a bad pick in itself, but certainly not filling current need positions.

The CBs - Fabian Washington and Stanford Routt - are both unsurprisingly fast. Puts a lot of pressure on Charles Woodson given that he only signed a 1-year tender.

It's appearing to have been a good offseason this year.

BBS :)

THE_DUDE 24.04.2005 03:26 AM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
They must be having one of the best off-seasons in recent history. Everything they have done so far from free agency to the Moss trade to draft trading and now the draft itself absoloutely reeks of class. Bloody stinks of it!

biffer 24.04.2005 08:42 AM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
Yep, it's been a good offseason. Still a bit worried about linebacker though.

biffer 24.04.2005 08:51 AM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
Although I was disappointed that Barret Ruud wasn't available in the second round

Bongo46 24.04.2005 11:59 AM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
I really like the Andrew Walter pick. Its time for them to get rid of Gruden's WCO QB's Gannon and Tuisosopo and get guys on their roster who suit the vertical game and I think Walter can be the man once Collins is done for them. Assuming of Course by the time this happens Norv Turner is still in charge.

Dave_R 24.04.2005 12:29 PM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
I personally think the start of the Raiders draft stinks. They took 2 corners with consecutive picks (to pair with the bust from 2 years ago) both of whom are real speedsters but I can't see either living up to their potential. Washington has a chance but I really feel Routt was a huge reach and will bust. Walter was a decent pick in the situation but I think the best pick was Morisson. I'm gutted we'll have to play him twice a year.

As for their off-season overall I think someone should tell Al if running the 3-4 you need something called LBs. Moss was a decent trade but I wouldn't have wanted him on the Chargers.

danguardace 24.04.2005 12:33 PM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
AFC West look really tough this. all four teams look capable of reaching the post-season.

RedRage 24.04.2005 01:03 PM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
I wasn't too impressed with the Raiders' draft either, I don't understand why they traded up to get that corner.
I'm not a Walter fan but that could be because I am a WildCats fan ( ;D) so I've probably got clouded judgement on that pick.

Stockers 24.04.2005 01:08 PM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
Way I see the AFC West is that it's the Chargers for the taking with the Chiefs in close company in a dog fight for a Wildcard. The Broncos IMO are toast, they haven't IMO got the right personnel to run the 3-4 and Oakland just have absolutely nothing on defense. Charles Woodson is past it and just plain pap, and Fabian Washington isn't gonna help their pass rush or run defense up front.

You saw in that draft Al's love affair with speed, taking that guy out of University of Houston early in round 2.

Only question I'd ask of the chiefs is what defense their running? I thought I'd heard they were running the 3-4, but I haven't really seen the personnel shanges on the DL for this to be capable.

Revenge of Rypien 24.04.2005 01:16 PM

Re:Holy Toledo ... How 'bout dem Raiders
Lack of a real pass-rush still concerns me. I know everyone else in the Division should be worried about pass-rushing against Oakland considering the Moss signing, but you still need somebody to get after the QB, especially if you stick with the 3-4 defense.

Then again, if Warren Sapp played like he was meant to it wouldn't be an issue :-\

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