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Dragonic 02.02.2006 11:57 AM

Re:the BENGALS thread
Finally a Bengals thread

Anywyas dont know if youve seen this yet but the schedule for next season is out, no times and dates yet but the opponents are listed.

Sorry if its old news but i hadnt seen it anywhere

Tough Schedule i feel for next year

ravin raven 03.02.2006 07:22 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
all of the afc north teams join together to make the AFC NORTH thread, no need for individual threads but having said that, it seems to be over run by smug steelers fans (if they win the SB...... :'() so individual threads is good until they get beaten

Michael Burton 03.02.2006 08:58 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
[quote author=ravin raven (panthers let me down....seahawks all the way!!) link=board=1;threadid=17310;start=0#msg423058 date=1138994551]
all of the afc north teams join together to make the AFC NORTH thread, no need for individual threads but having said that, it seems to be over run by smug steelers fans (if they win the SB...... :'() so individual threads is good until they get beaten

Well, it makes a change from all those smug Ravens fans thinking they have a shot at the AFC North title every year. ;)

[move]Where are the Bungals ???[/move]

bright_blue_shorts 03.02.2006 11:24 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
I've added the Bengals thread to the "Links to Teams & Divisions".

It's entirely up to individuals whether they post in here or the AFC North thread.

Sometimes there are just things you want to keep inhouse.

BBS :)

BengalBoy 04.02.2006 01:08 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
I prefer to be in the AFC North thread myself :)

Horrorshow 11.02.2006 09:19 PM

Too late, judge says in dismissing suit vs. Bengals, NFL
Interesting article from CBS

Too late, judge says in dismissing suit vs. Bengals, NFL

A judge on Thursday dismissed Hamilton County's federal antitrust lawsuit against the Cincinnati Bengals and the National Football League because the suit was not filed within the four-year statute of limitations.

U.S. District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel threw out the suit without getting to the merits of the county's argument that the Bengals misled taxpayers and officials by contending they needed a new stadium to be profitable and might move if they didn't get one.

Hamilton County taxpayers in 1996 approved a one-half-cent sales tax increase to finance the $450 million Paul Brown Stadium. Commissioners signed a lease with the Bengals the following year.

The antitrust lawsuit was not filed until 2003, three years after the Bengals began using the stadium.

"To be sure, the lease that Hamilton County enjoys with the Bengals is highly favorable -- perhaps egregiously so -- to the Bengals," Spiegel wrote.

He said prior members of the board were aware of allegations that league and its teams wielded unlawful antitrust power to obtain favorable leases, but by not filing suit sooner the chance "was lost to the passage of time."

"We are pleased that Judge Spiegel took the time to thoroughly analyze the case and conclude that the facts were on our side," Bengals owner Mike Brown said in a statement released by the team.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league believes Spiegel's opinion demonstrates there was no basis for the county's claims.

Commissioner Todd Portune said he favored discussing all options with attorneys, including an appeal, filing a lawsuit in state court or seeking to reopen negotiations with the Bengals.

It was Portune who originally filed suit against the Bengals as an individual taxpayer. When conflict-of-interest questions arose regarding his position as a commissioner, community activist Carrie Davis took his place as lead plaintiff.

Eventually, county commissioners took over the suit.

Portune said Thursday that the Bengals were largely to blame for the county facing a deficit of $191 million.

In February 2004, Spiegel rejected the NFL's motion to dismiss the case, ruling that Davis could pursue her claims that the NFL violated federal antitrust provisions by using its monopoly to "extort" new stadiums and highly favorable lease terms.

In his ruling Thursday, Spiegel explained why he did not rule at that time that the statute of limitations had expired. He said a new standard was applied when the county commission took over the suit, based not on what an outsider like Davis could know about negotiations but what commissioners knew or should have known.

Spiegel noted that county officials knew all along that the Bengals were profitable, although the lawsuit alleged that the statute of limitations started not in 1997 but in May 2001 when commissioners got a clearer image of profits based on information in a lawsuit between the league and Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.

ROVERBOY 11.02.2006 09:44 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
They did well this year and maybe if they could have pipped Denver for 2nd seeds then things might have been different.

I expect them to be in the play-offs next year especially if Carson gets over the knee injury.

Carson2Chad 21.03.2006 02:11 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
It's being reported that Carson Palmer is "about 4 weeks" ahead of his scheduled rehab. He has been doing intense water rehab in California which has accelerated things. ;D

I really hope that is true.

Orange County 21.03.2006 06:25 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
From the Official Bengals Newsletter


Carson Palmer's press conference from Paul Brown Stadium originally scheduled for Tuesday was postponed because of a spring snowstorm in Cincinnati. The first update on his rehabilitation following Jan. 10 surgery has been rescheduled for Wednesday at 11:45 a.m ET. will have LIVE audio coverage of the press conference available for fans Wednesday beginning at 11:45. Click the Multimedia tab on the home page to access the live audio. We will also provide video coverage of the press conference in its entirety shortly after its conclusion. The video can also be accessed via the Multimedia tab.
So hopefully there will be some positive news for the Bengals come to tomorrow.

Reevzee 20.04.2006 02:13 PM

Re:the BENGALS thread
Has anyone seen the video on of Chad Johnson "In Their Own Words". Really good. He starts the day with McDonalds which I think is brilliant! Really funny guy and one of the best recievers in the league!

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