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IndpsColts 12.12.2010 11:02 PM

Any Liverpool FC fans (from Liverpool) wanna go to a Colts game?
I have a deal to propose. If any LFC supporters happen to also be passionate about the Colts, you can stay in my apartment here in Indy for free and I'll get some tickets for you for a Colts home game. I can get tix for any game, on me. Consider it a LFC / Colts exchange programme!

In return, sometime in the next few years, I want to make a trip to Anfield. If I can have a place to stay there and a ticket, I'm "paid back". Of course, if the Colts tickets end up to be cheaper than Liverpool's, I'll gladly pay the difference. Just thought it would be a cool "exchange" and a way to help each other out.

DM me if anyone is interested. The plane ticket to Indianapolis is, of course, not on me :) Please, freakshows and convicted felons need not apply. Particulars to be discussed later.


Vincent 12.12.2010 11:03 PM

Show me a scouser colt fan, and I'll show you the devil incarnate :D

IndpsColts 13.12.2010 12:03 AM

Ha, and here come the wisecracks. Let the games begin!

Nice win today, though, Vincent. Still not sure why Oakland is throwing to the middle of the field with under 10 seconds left & no timeouts.

tomwil93 13.12.2010 08:25 AM

Dammit i new i should of supported Liverpool instead of Man united ;)

rubick 13.12.2010 01:53 PM

Great idea man, fair play :)

Corvus corax 15.12.2010 08:54 PM

That sounds like an awesome deal for some lucky person.

IndpsColts 16.12.2010 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by rubick (Post 1269005)
Great idea man, fair play :)

Thanks, I really hope someone takes me up on it b/c I'd love to see Liverpool play.

No takers yet, maybe the LFC / Colts fan combo is a rare one.

I could also see about substituting the Bears or Bengals, but that would require a drive (2.5 & 1.5 hrs. each way, respectively).

Too bad I didn't think of this earlier, as I took a local friend to Colts / Cowboys and I had luxury suite tix. Free beer, wings, chicken wraps, assorted hors d'ourves, and lots of interceptions!

Welsh patriot 16.12.2010 02:49 PM

Man if you were a Pats/Swansea City fan I would definately take you up on this offer :D

IndpsColts 17.12.2010 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by Welsh patriot (Post 1270965)
Man if you were a Pats/Swansea City fan I would definately take you up on this offer :D

Ha, not so much on the Pats, but I'm indifferent about Swansea City. You may find this hard to believe (;)) but my U.S. digital cable doesn't often (ever) show Swansea City games, so other than the occasional mention on a Sky Sports News replay I happen to catch, I'd barely know of it. Good luck to you and Swansea, though!

You'd actually be surprised how frequently I bump into Pats fans here in Indianapolis. I often wonder if they are true fans or if each one is just trying to be a contrarian.

Gillman St Mac 30.12.2010 05:57 PM

Soccer & Gridiron
What a great idea. If you are a true Colt fan you will do all you can to get to Lucas Oil Stadium. The return trip to Indianapolis is around £450 and if you have somewhere to stay once you get there then you are quids in. I've flown over twice and saw Peyton and the boys crush the Jags in 2006 and the Seahawks in 2009. It's the most awe inspiring stadium in which to watch football and the occasion itself is far superior to anything the Premier League has to offer over here. I found the Indianapolis people in general and Colts fans in particular to be friendly, generous and hospitable. Take up this offer even if it means having to lie about being a Liverpool fan. You can always rustle up a couple of tickets for Anfield on line if and when the return leg of the agreement is called in. The way things are under the dreadful Hodgson means that it could be Championship tickets you will need to buy next season.

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