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avirk99 12.05.2012 05:54 PM

Play Flag football in Sheffield
hey guys

Anyone interested in playing flag football in Sheffield, get in touch with the Sheffield Vipers. We train every Sunday and play in games/tournaments. check out our facebook page

This is for anyone no matter experience, age or ability.

if you want any information feel free to email


jrt55555 12.05.2012 06:19 PM

Good stuff, looks like great fun. Would love to get involved with something like this - if only there was a flag team in Bristol. A weekly commute to Sheffield might be a bit tough ;)

avirk99 12.05.2012 06:53 PM

haha yeah would be quite a long journey. You should set up a team in Bristol, that's what i ended up doing a couple of years back

jrt55555 12.05.2012 07:21 PM

I did try and test the waters a while back with BAFA about setting up a team here, but was told that they'd like to keep clubs connected and to contact the Bristol Aztecs about whether they had any interest in setting up a flag division. Unfortunately they didn't seem all that interest and ended up just ignoring my emails after a while :(

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