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KevinM4 27.01.2018 05:11 PM

Where to buy Super Bowl 52 program guide?
Not sure if it has even been released yet, but will there be any high street stores stocking the Super Bowl 52 program guide?

Or will I need to order it online?


jabb 29.01.2018 05:50 PM

On line the nfl europe shop is the only option I know of.

phuqertrfc 01.02.2018 12:19 AM

One of the other sites used to sell the hologram version and posted much earlier than the NFL UK shop.
Anyone remember who and if they still do it?

jabb 01.02.2018 07:58 AM

Has anyone received their program yet?

KevinM2 01.02.2018 01:19 PM

It was a complete waste of time ordering this from the NFL Europe shop...just had an email telling me it is on back order, and won't be arriving before the game! Despite me ordering it a week ago...

How difficult is it to print and ship a bunch of magazines, and make sure that you had enough stock...Very poor show by the NFL

jabb 01.02.2018 07:37 PM

seems they are only arriving in the uk tomorrow and will sent by courier.Not expecting it to turn up before the game shambolic but i couldnt find anyone else selling it.

phuqertrfc 02.02.2018 04:33 PM

Hanging back on ordering knowing it isn't going to arrive for gameday.
£16+ with postage and if it's going to be after the game might as well wait a few days and buy cheap on ebay or in the NFLUK post Super Bowl sale they always have.

hammerheadscoach 02.02.2018 08:00 PM

Just checked my order status on the NFL Europe store
Apparently on it's way but no notification via email or text. Allegedly it's with Hermes but no tracking number and do they deliver Saturday?

hammerheadscoach 02.02.2018 08:03 PM

Digital edition
If you're worried about your programme arriving before the game worry no more folks - digital copy available here

jabb 03.02.2018 06:41 PM

No sign of it.Why cant they just post it 1st class recorded instead of mucking about with couriers.

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