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Kevan1971 24.01.2017 12:02 PM

Cowboys Free Agents
Just the 20 free agents this year, here's the list:

Brice Butler UFA
Terrance Williams UFA
Lance Dunbar UFA
Darren McFadden UFA
Mark Sanchez UFA
Kellen Moore UFA
Gavin Escobar UFA
Ronald Leary UFA
Jack Crawford UFA
Ryan Davis RFA
Terrell McClain UFA
Rolando McClain UFA
Andrew Gachkar UFA
Justin Durant UFA
Josh Thomas UFA
Brandon Carr UFA
JJ Wilcox UFA
Barry Church UFA
Morris Claiborne UFA

What I would do:

Brice Butler RELEASE
Terrance Williams RELEASE
Lance Dunbar SIGN
Mark Sanchez RELEASE
Gavin Escobar RELEASE
Ronald Leary SIGN
Jack Crawford SIGN
Ryan Davis RELEASE
Terrell McClain SIGN
David Irving SIGN
Rolando McClain RELEASE
Andrew Gachkar SIGN
Justin Durant RELEASE
Josh Thomas RELEASE
Brandon Carr RELEASE
Barry Church SIGN
Morris Claiborne SIGN

RichardCunliffe 24.01.2017 02:34 PM

A bit of a numbers game, both in terms of the roster and the cap......

Sign Butler
Release Williams

I don't think Bryce Butler is consistent enough, and Terrace Williams is a no.2 WR at best, but it boils down to how much they want. It's not like the roster is stacked with recievers so they probably keep one for depth purposes alone. Allow them both to leave and you are left with Dez and Beasley basically. Williams probably gets a decent contract from another team, so could bring a 2018 comp pick in return.

Sign Dunbar
Release McFadden

I don't know why they resigned Dunbar last year, and I still don't think they know how to use him. He's 26 though whereas McFadden is 30 next season. Morris can pick up the slack if Zeke got hurt, and Dunbar offers something a little different I suppose. Shame they let Darius Jackson slip through their fingers as they'll have to add another back now too, probably late in the draft.

Release Sanchez
Sign Moore.

Sanchez isn't good enough, Moore might not be either, but one has to stay for numbers alone with Romo more than likely heading for the exit. They need to add another veteran too.

Release Escobar

Time to bid farewell to another 2nd round TE who lived in the shadow of Witten. Injuries haven't helped but he just didn't fit.

Sign Leary

It's going to depend on his demands, and appeasing La'el Collins, but Leary is probably the better player at this stage. Keeping him keeps depth on the O line too, fortunately they were healthy this season but it might not always be the case.

Sign Crawford
Release Davis
Sign McClain
Sign Irving

The D line needs clarity. McClain and Irving could be starters, Crawford adds to the rotation. Davis will lose out anyway when they draft a pass rusher. Irving can be kept on a tender too while they sorta long term deal.

Release R. McClain
Sign Gachkar
Release Durant

Should never have kept McClain in the first place. Gachkar helps on Special Teams. With Hitchens, Wilson and Nzeocha, plus Jaylon Smith hopefully, Durant can be released.

Release Thomas
Sign Carr
Release Wilcox
Sign Church
Sign Claibourne

Church is a no brainer. Mo needs an incentive ladened contract that has a way out built in. Carr is solid enough if the money is right. Wilcox? We can draft a better safety for the long term. Thomas? he was only providing depth.

Overall i'm not sure there will be many upgrades available in free agency so it's more about keeping depth and blending that with plans for the draft.

RichardCunliffe 08.03.2017 10:38 PM

So, Church is off to join Parnell in Jacksonville, and Brice Butler has signed a 1 year deal to stay in Dallas.

Irving was tendered as a URFA so he's going nowhere.

Wonder what the next move will be?...................

Kevan1971 08.03.2017 11:01 PM

Looks like Romo will be released according to various media reports.

RichardCunliffe 08.03.2017 11:07 PM


Originally Posted by Kevan1971 (Post 2324341)
Looks like Romo will be released according to various media reports.

Yep. I think most teams knew Jerry would 'do the right thing' and release Romo, he was never going to trade him to a team he didn't want to play for. After all that Romo has done I think Jerry felt he owed him the chance to pick his team/contract.

Looks like Josh McCown will be signed to be the back up in 2017 (he had a visit today prior to news of Romo's pending release), which probably means Sanchez wont be back either.

RichardCunliffe 10.03.2017 12:20 PM


Ronald Leary got $35m/4 years ($20m guaranteed) from Denver.

Barry Church got $26m/4 years from Jacksonville.

Terrell McClain got $21m+/4 years from Washington.

Jack Crawford got $10.3m/3 years from Atlanta.

2018 compensatory picks inbound?! Jerry wont be able to resist trading the Cowboys own 2018 3rd or 4th round picks to move up in this years draft now.

RichardCunliffe 11.03.2017 09:48 AM

So Terrance Williams re-signed after all. $17m/4 years. In the end they kept Butler AND Williams, which looked unlikely to begin with.

Think it's a sign that they are more than happy with the offence, no need to upset what they have. Continuity.

RichardCunliffe 11.03.2017 07:53 PM

Not a Free Agent move, but Doug Free's retirement leaves the Cowboys with a whole lot of uncertainty at RT. Todd Archer is reporting that the Cowboys knew Free was retiring before the start of Free Agency, which begs the question why they haven't looked for a replacement, or at least someone to challenge injury plagued Chaz Green? There isn't a whole lot out there in Free Agency, especially when they cant afford to chase the top free agents, but now it makes RT a bigger draft priority.

Staying with Free Agents, Wilcox signed for the Buccs. So that's Strong Safety 1 & 2 on the Depth Chart that have bolted this off season.

Lonestar1963 12.03.2017 07:47 PM

Bit surprised we let Jack walk and surprised Falcons wanted him tbh

Lonestar1963 12.03.2017 07:50 PM

Deja vu this time last year!! we seem to have lost a few good players and look weak in certain departments again.RT is a big concern as is safety and DBs jeez

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