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Lonestar1963 30.07.2017 12:38 PM

Pre Season Games
Firstly, are 5 games too many? i really dont see the point. Starters will hardly feature, and theres a chance back ups will get injured before reg season:rolleyes: Most of the players will be cut anyway. Someone like Awuzie for eg may get some time and play a blinder against a 3rd or 4th string WR-i,d rather see him burned by Fitz and learn a lot more. 5 is too many imo. Will Collins get time at RT?

RichardCunliffe 30.07.2017 01:27 PM

5 probably is too much........or is it? It depends, if all the back ups get quality time/reps, AND stay healthy, then it has to be a good thing right? The starters aren't going to see too much action anyway, whether it's 3 games, 4 games or 5, they will be 'protected' as much as possible.

It just comes down to reps vs injury. For the back up O line its probably very important, especially rookies. They don't get too many opportunities to improve their craft outside of actual game time. The Cowboys have been very fortunate in terms keeping their O line starters healthy. La'el Collins would probably benefit from reps, but he's your starting RT now so it's about finding that balance. Plus, Collins and Zack Martin need to develop an understanding/chemistry at RG/RT, but you don't want to put them in the line of fire too often in pre season.

I think the Pre Season, as usual, will be about finding one or two surprise candidates to push for playing time. Jonathan Cooper and Chaz Green need to show what they've got to offer. Noah Brown perhaps needs to give the coaching staff something to think about with that 5th/6th WR roster spot. Where are the TE's up to? Has Rico Gathers developed to the stage he can push James Hanna or Geoff Swaim who are returning from injury? Kavon Fraizer and Xavier Woods, where are they in the pecking order at Safety/ST's? It goes on and on, pre season, with 5 games, should answer some of these questions, either through form or injury.

Lonestar1963 30.07.2017 07:37 PM

Cooper needs to take a lot of snaps imo, prove he can be ready to maybe take that guard pos if things dont work out with Green. Showers is interesting, staff have stuck by him in the fact that hes versatile and can maybe steal that back up S pos? How many reps Collins gets is a question-do they protect him and chuck him in against JPP? he cant afford to get injured although i liked the look of Cleary when he played.Dan Skipper is another who needs reps and maybe challenge for that back up T pos as we know Bell is fairly solid

RichardCunliffe 31.07.2017 07:50 PM

I think Showers will head back to the practice squad. Like a lot of the secondary it's going to be a numbers game. They've added so much youth to that group that someone is bound to lose out. Blanton, Fraizer, Heath, Jones, Showers, Woods. You aren't keeping them all. Heath and Jones are 'locks'. You might be able to sneak Showers back on to the Practice Squad where he's seemingly been a valuable player. I'd guess, Fraizer loses out, based on nothing other than they traded up for Xavier Woods, Blanton is a veteran in a young group, and Fraizer has battled a foot injury in the past. Stash Showers, keep Jones, Heath, Blanton and Woods, plus 6 corners.

I'd be tempted to play Collins rather than protect him. As we've touched on quite a few times he faces a murderers row of pass rushers this year. It might not matter who is starting at RT against that lot, but you need Collins to be the best he can be if he's going to stand a chance. That said, psychologically people feel better with Collins out there than any other candidate, so losing him would set the alarm bells ringing.

Lonestar1963 01.08.2017 08:55 AM

There are 2 ways of looking at the Collins situation, has he been impressive enough to make the position his own or is he the best of a bad bunch?! Time will tell
I wouldnt be jumping off a cliff if he went down, Bell is a solid back up.By all accounts Jones has lit up the field-lets hope he carries it thru to reg season.

Lonestar1963 05.08.2017 07:43 AM

Thought Collins did ok against Cards, good to see him getting a good few snaps at RT still a bit concerned tho when he comes up against JPP and the like-theres no doubt when hes on the move he can make some blocks, but does he have the basic tech for T? I think its just a lack of physical strength.On one play he swept right to take out a LB but didnt move him at all.Cleary did ok i like him as a back up, but thought Skipper was poor-hes not a hope of making the roster:)
Rod Smith is giving coaches something to think about-we wont carry 4 backs? He can go in from the red zone and take some snaps off Zeke in that situation, Morris played well but DMC not so. Charlton got dissed by the DC for having a poor game! In fairness i think he did ok without getting the sacks and pressure-looks like he was holding back a touch. Awuzie looks a real find, Butler looked excellent which gives us another option.Gathers was impressive at TE and Moore also at QB. Overall the Offense looks awesome:)

RichardCunliffe 05.08.2017 07:59 AM

The biggest concern with Collins could be his transition from left to right. He spent his college days at LG then LT, and then back to LG as a Cowboy too. Think about it, his body has developed to play 'left handed', his pass protection has been 'left handed', his thought process has been 'left handed'. Now he's having to over ride all of that to play on the right side. It might mean he's quite solid dealing with inside moves, but his kick-slide and hand placement might be awkward on the outside. Maybe that's too simplistic a view but I think Collins is in for a rocky ride this season.

As for 4 backs, if Zeke is suspended then they won't have to worry about that until Zeke returns. They can keep DMAC, Alf and Rod Smith. Special Teams comes into it, but I'd sooner keep 4 RB's than 3 and a FB (Keith Smith). I just think with our offense a FB is redundant.

Lonestar1963 05.08.2017 09:04 PM

So you think Rod will be cut? i,d rather us cut Alf or DMC tbh.Smith has looked impressive so far, he has the size of a FB but some good speed

RichardCunliffe 06.08.2017 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 (Post 2342135)
So you think Rod will be cut? i,d rather us cut Alf or DMC tbh.Smith has looked impressive so far, he has the size of a FB but some good speed

No, I think he's shown enough to find a spot on the roster. Alf has looked good too though, and DMC has been a starter in 2015 and the primary back up to Zeke last season.

The problem, as always, is if you go heavy at one position you have to go light elsewhere. Where are they going to light if they keep 4 RB's - Elliott, Mcfadden, Morris and Rod Smith, plus a FB, Keith Smith? Maybe they go with just 2 QB's? (I'll have a shot at a 53 man roster over in the roster thread when I get chance)

It's hard to escape the fact that most back ups need to stand out on Special Teams. All these suspensions early in the season muddies the water too. Trying to stash players on the Practice Squad in week 3 or 5 to make room for returning starters might be tricky.

Lonestar1963 07.08.2017 10:21 AM

Dont see the point keeping a FB at this stage, especially as Rod is built like one anyway:)

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