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Raider12 08.12.2015 04:05 PM

Week 14. Vikings @ Cardinals. Game day thread.
Game thread.

ccfcchris 08.12.2015 07:07 PM

Joseph Barr and Smith all out, this is a no contest, Cards 41-10 :mad:

JamesGall13 08.12.2015 08:20 PM

Viking will lose comfortably again against a good team but of course it'll be all the officials fault :rolleyes:

ccfcchris 09.12.2015 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by JamesGall13 (Post 2242601)
Viking will lose comfortably again against a good team but of course it'll be all the officials fault :rolleyes:

It wont be close enough for them to have any impact

joecphillips 09.12.2015 02:35 AM

Cards by at least 21 points.

Danny Bear 09.12.2015 05:06 AM

Could be another blow out this with that Vikes D hit hard by injuries.

36-10 Cards.

joefairs 09.12.2015 08:23 AM

Feels like we've conceded this game and using it as a mini bye week to get our defensive playmakers fit for the vital home games against the Bears and Giants in Weeks 15 & 16.

Makes sense to me - only had chance for 1 and a half training sessions before having to fly down to Arizona. TNF doesn't really work in my view, especially for the away team.

Cards by a comfortable 15+ for me.

Northern Soul 10.12.2015 12:14 PM

Some stats from the Cards game day thread I liked.

Cards are 1-3 on TNF? If they can win tonight it will be the first time they have won on a Thursday night*

The first game between the Cards and Vikings was played on October 6 1963 - the day I was born.

*The Thursday night 'win' was a 27-26 victory over the Cowboys on Christmas Day 2010. Christmas Day was a Saturday so the league moved the game back to Sunday to increase the TV audience.

b182dammit 10.12.2015 01:12 PM

We really ought to win this and secure a playoff game.

Even healthy I don't think the Vikings are as good as they appear. The win percentage of teams they have beaten is .387 (I know, some of you will take offence to that, but its how I see it). I want them to beat someone really good so that I can believe. Perhaps that is tonight. They have a talented defence, which they clearly build any victory off, but with the injuries, it is going to be hard.

As the year goes on we continue to look brilliant on offence, and very good in the secondary on defence. Still the overwhelming, in fact, only concern is the lack of pass rush. it's a major worry. I don't think it will cost us tonight, but someone will take advantage of it.

Anything can happen, and the Vikings have plenty of talent, but we really ought to win.

Vikings 16 - 31 Cardinals

FallenFlyer 11.12.2015 12:59 AM

The only way that I can see the Vikings having any success tonight is if they run Bridgewater on the reverse keeper on at least a couple of occasions early.That may force the Cardinals D to hold off on crashing down to the run and free up Peterson a bit.

Otherwise I can't see any reason why the Cardinals won't be playing their second string in the fourth quarter.

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