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Bretts 08.03.2011 05:00 PM

DRAFT 4TH PICK:Who do you really want?
So, who do you really want if you could have who you want at 4?

Bretts 08.03.2011 05:07 PM

I've gone Nick Fairley. Rreally impressed me last season at Auburn and we are desperate for a pass rusher up the middle.

Gooner12 08.03.2011 05:21 PM

Cam 4 me if he still there!

erenmusXIX 08.03.2011 06:07 PM

It would have to be Bower's if all these were available, I would be so happy, Dunlap on one side and Bower's on the would be like the Brothers of Destruction lol, plus there would be less double teams on Dunlap so it would be from being the worst team in sacks to the best? Possibly!?

boomer07uk 08.03.2011 07:31 PM

I'd go for a different perspective - AJ Green - him at 1, Simpson at 2 (not convinced someone who can spend that long getting some playing time can ever adapt to being a 1, although I'd love to be proved wrong), Ship at 3 and Gresham at TE. Draft another RB in the middle rounds and two interior linemen and we're set for a long time on O.

Or we would be ... if we knew what CP was gonna do ...

If they are convinced that he's gone and they feel Newton or Gabbert is a true Franchise QB (neither of which I think are), then you'd have to draft QB, redshirt em, and bring in a FA for a while.

Otherwise, I go Green and take Locker at the top of the 2nd.

Dragut 08.03.2011 09:51 PM

AJ Green for me. As much as anything to keep him out of Cleveland.

Bretts 08.03.2011 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by 2PAC (Post 1331291)
AJ Green for me. As much as anything to keep him out of Cleveland.

Mmm... the idea of a hot reciever is tempting.

Bengalsman 08.03.2011 10:50 PM

Any player who can work hard, honour a contract to its conclusion without moaning or retiring and a player that can make the grade at a starting NFL level and be positively influential on the rest of his team.

As for position... it doesn't matter to me at all as long as he has the above qualities

bengalblueboy1 08.03.2011 11:42 PM

Dareus over Fairley for me -bigger,faster over short distance and more impressive on tape (for me anyway).
Peterson looks risk free and AJ Green looks ideal to replace 85 (if he goes).
On the assumption that we keep J-Jo and 85 stays around I'd go Dareus to make that D-line impressive.I'm happy with MJ opposite Dunlap.
QB in the 2nd looks necessary unfortunately (as i would have liked safety or OL)-will Mallett still be around?

AZ 08.03.2011 11:47 PM

I know who i dont want you to take.

Any chance you guys trade by the way?

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