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Lonestar1963 07.01.2018 05:56 PM

2017 Season
Best and worst? DLaw has been outstanding, but only Irving really backed him up sack wise, still, D line did ok i think. Dak dissapointing, recieving corps also, Dez still led the team on catches tho! O Line ok with a mention for Lael Collins who did a great job considering the opposition-didnt get mentioned in the top 50. Lee solid as ever, but Jaylon Smith still needs time i think. Dbs a work in progress. Byron Jones dissapointing-only one INT.

RichardCunliffe 07.01.2018 06:55 PM

The best would have to be D Law and his 14.5 sacks. Not since Ware in 2012 perhaps have we had an edge rusher opponents have to worry about. It felt like he could get to the QB this season regardless of who he faced. If he continues that into next season and beyond it will be huge for this team.

Worst? It's harsh on Zack Martin and Travis Frederick but I'm going to say O line. It's meant to be the strength of the team, and it has to be the strength of the team. Frederick and Martin could be relied upon week in, week out. I dont think you could say that about the rest. You could point at the receivers too, but if the pocket is clean then they'll get open....eventually. Collins wasn't terrible but I'm still not convinced. Same for Cooper. Then there is the long term concerns associated with Tyron Smith's back.

Special mention for Sean Lee too. When he's healthy he's one of the best linebackers I've ever seen. The way he reads offences and diagnoses plays is rare. I can count on one hand the number of 'bad' plays he had this season.

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