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howard87 01.09.2016 01:15 PM

Uk Fantasy football advice/podcast.
We are a new uk based podcast/advice channel specialising in fantasy football.

We are the first uk analysts accepted on fantasypros and all our advice is free and 1-2-1 if required.

our channel can be found here:- Its also on Itunes etc

Also we run a lot of fantasy leagues on, the in-person ones are great fun. We are all fans from the UK. Also you can find betting advice, news etc etc. Many of us met on this great nfluk forum. So please use both as we are not trying to steal anyone just raise awareness of another great website.

We are not selling anything and everything is free. Thank you for your conisideration. Also we are hiring a big UK mansion so we can watch the superbowl together. There are still a few places for that.

Crimson45 01.09.2016 01:46 PM

It's brilliant
I love thi show and can highly recommend it..

howard87 01.09.2016 04:20 PM

Thank you, very kind

verspeak 05.09.2016 08:38 PM

Fantasy Football rookie

I've just started in a new league for the first time so I'll definitely give you a listen. In the mean time are you able to provide a quick bit of advice.

I have both Lacy and Cobb from Packers in my squad vying for my flex position in the starting line up. Lacy is the Packers first choice RB and Cobb is second WR, but Packers are more of a passing side.

Who am I best going with in this scenario. Don't think it matters but Rodgers is also my QB.


Chiefs1970 05.09.2016 09:35 PM

There's not a great deal in it, but I would lean towards Lacy on this one

Chiefs1970 05.09.2016 09:37 PM

...and by the way, I'd also recommend the podcast. Have enjoyed listening to the early episodes in the off season, and waiting to see how the podcast progresses now they have got actual football to talk about!

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