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ukcrop 26.08.2014 11:57 AM

NFL.COM FANTASY - DRAFT ON SUN 31st at 6pm - 4 Players needed!
Hi all,

Me and 7 of my friends have a fantasy league we have been running for 4 years now. It is a 12 team league so we are looking for 4 more keen players to add to the competition and enjoy the game as much as we do!

It is a standard league format however you also select individual defensive players in the draft. The draft will be held this Sunday (31st) at 6pm. We are all keen fantasy players so would be especially interested in those who will be logging in regularly during the season and managing their team/roster accordingly.

Please reply to this thread if interested or send me a dm.

Hope to hear back!

gribby26 26.08.2014 03:14 PM

Hi, I've been looking for a league to join and would definitely be interested . I have only done the NFLUK fantasy league before so you would need too let me know all the rules and reg's. Send me a pm


Scarl 26.08.2014 07:21 PM

If there's space, I'd be interested in joining - last season was my first foray in to the fantasy game on so didn't do much in the way of managing my team on a weekly basis aside from checking and changing out injured players, so still lots to learn on the other elements of the game.

TheRealAVB 26.08.2014 08:40 PM

I'm really interested. Let me know the details! Cheers, Chris

ukcrop 30.08.2014 04:31 PM

Hi all,

So there are still a few spaces available in this league so please join if you are looking for a competitive league! The details for the league are:

Custom Url:
League ID: 890737
Password: winchmore

All the details of the points system can be found under the 'settings' part of the league.

Hope to see you in the war room this Sunday for the draft!

AL88 31.08.2014 12:25 PM

League is now full. Thanks to all who joined.

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