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SaintNick 09.03.2007 02:25 AM

Re:Saints thread
Congrats on signing a lead blocker.

Joe Horn is a sellout.

Arsenal_Rule 14.03.2007 12:07 PM

Re:Saints thread
"The New Orleans Saints continued to upgrade their defensive unit when they announced they have agreed to terms with veteran safety Kevin Kaesviharn."

A quote from

Sounds like a good bit of business IMO, Should really toughen the secondary.

Crowder#52 06.04.2007 08:45 AM

Re:Saints thread
As requested, the Saints released kicker John Carney on Thursday, two days after trading for Olindo Mare.

"John wanted to explore other opportunities that are available in the NFL," said Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. "This is something we were sensitive to because he has been an important part of the Saints and the community during his time in New Orleans."

SaintNick 26.04.2007 10:04 PM

Re:Saints thread
Jason David Signed. 8)

Grant re-signed for 7 years. 8)

Everything looks great going into the draft. BPA us up

118 M Man #9 26.04.2007 10:21 PM

Re:Saints thread
Kaesivhern is a great signing, should probally not be relied upon as a starter but as a nickel back / third safety he is a great back up at either Safety spots or corner.

SaintNick 26.04.2007 10:26 PM

Re:Saints thread
Yeah, I imagine Harper and Bullocks will start, unless we draft another safety to take over from Bullocks. But KK looks like solid depth.

Kildare Krackers 01.07.2007 07:58 PM

Re:Saints thread
How well do you think the Saints will do this season, I'd say same as last, maybe not quite as good.

Kildare Krackers 02.07.2007 12:41 PM

Re:Saints thread
Thats some good analysis, I still don't fully understand NFL and how teams are better and their style's of play, what makes them tic etc. I feel like I understand The Saints a little better now, thanks.

SaintNick 02.07.2007 06:38 PM

Re:Saints thread
Can't wait for Roman to be back, he was all over Crumpler in the MNF game, and if he improves his tackling he'll be a pro bowl safety in the future.

evilmoo 02.07.2007 11:44 PM

Re:Saints thread
I may have to switch my teams in a month.
As will be living only less than an hours drive away from new orleans for the next 5 years and will catch as many of their games as i can.
Only really been passively interested in the Giants anyway. Saints seem to have a pretty decent team too.

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