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jonesy567 19.08.2010 04:35 PM

Colts WR replacement for Wayne
When Wayne is gone who will be the main reciever? Gonzalez, Garcon or Collie?

tomwil93 19.08.2010 08:08 PM

most definately garcon, hes becoming better and better, but i think there all good WR's they all have potential to be great :D

noonster 21.08.2010 05:12 PM

Garcon is the only one of the three who has experience lining up outside rarther than in the slot, the knock on collie is that he can struggle at times to get off the line of scrimmage according tho the 'experts' for this season it looks as though it will be a battle for the slot receiver job between Collie and Gonzalez, in the future im not sure, but i definately think that Garcon is more suited to playing outside due to his frame and athleticism.

Coltsfan93 23.08.2010 10:27 AM

Gonzalez has played outside plenty of times before. In his rookie season in 2007, Marv Harrison was injured for much of it and Gonzo wound up replacing him and doing OK. That said they tend to move people around anyway so it's not set in stone.

tksgtmason 24.08.2010 02:57 PM

Dallas Clark ;)

collie a slot guy, gonzo has the other wr locked down, leaving garcon,

or probably manning thats good we could do without him???????

powys colt 29.08.2010 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by jonesy567 (Post 1163562)
When Wayne is gone who will be the main reciever? Gonzalez, Garcon or Collie?

????? I dont think Reggie will be gone for quite some time yet, if he does man we are in toruble.

Stegofreak 04.09.2010 05:19 PM

The figures favour Garcon but not by much I reckon. Frankly I believe it should should be less "who should replace Wayne" and more ""hey, look at all our awesome WRs."

And powys colt, while I agree that he'll be at the Colts for years to come you just have to look at the fluke injury Addai picked up against Green Bay to realise that your top players can be taken out by sheer chance.

Here's for an injury-free season.

magicmatt99 08.09.2010 03:22 PM

Wayne is nearing the end of his current contract, he wanted a big new contract this offseason and there were rumors he was going to hold out

the colts have some big name guys approaching the end of there deals and the math says they wont be able to re sign them all to big contracts. Which is why i think wayne is nearing his tenure as a colt, frankly id rather the colts focus on resigning a robert mathis or bob sanders. Garcon looks poised to become a legit top WR and i could see us drafting a WR, particularly in the 2011 draft which is filled with elite WR talent

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