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jamllew 18.02.2005 07:11 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
I think it looks OK, I just feel that we might just only see pictures of it. From what I understand, NJ is giving the Giants a pretty nice deal to keep them in the state, I don't think that having the Jets contribute would be that beneficial at all to the Giants.

News report from the AP

Jets, Giants eye new stadiums


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) - Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey met for the first time with the New York Jets on Wednesday and asked them to stay in New Jersey, while his chief counsel met with the New York Giants in an attempt to iron out a deal on a new stadium.

The two-pronged discussion was an attempt to forestall the Jets' plans to move to a proposed stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, and an effort to help the Giants build a stadium to replace one that is among the oldest for NFL teams. While appreciative of Codey's concern, the Jets said they are committed to building their own stadium in New York, said George Zoffinger, the chief executive of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

"It was a very cordial meeting," Zoffinger said of the 90-minute meeting held in the authority's offices at the Meadowlands Racetrack. "The governor made clear that he would like the Jets to stay in New Jersey."

Jets spokesman Ron Colangelo said Matt Higgins was handling all Jets' comments on the meeting. Higgins did not immediately return a telephone message left on his cell phone.

Meanwhile, Codey's chief counsel, Paul Fader, met for several hours Wednesday with Giants officials at their offices in Giants Stadium.

Kelley Heck, the governor's spokeswoman, said that meeting "continued to make progress toward an agreement." She said Codey and the Giants will resume the discussions next week.

The Giants are concerned about the impact of the Xanadu retail and entertainment development proposed for the Meadowlands complex on their plans for a new $700 million US stadium.

Giants executive vice president John Mara said Tuesday the team will insist that Xanadu businesses be closed on days of home games. He said having Xanadu open on game days would create a parking nightmare for fans attending games.

Mara insisted that an agreement needs to be reached quickly if the Giants are to open their new stadium for the 2008 season.

The Giants want to replace their existing stadium to reap more revenue from luxury boxes and concessions and to add premium club seating.

In addition to building the stadium, the team has reportedly agreed to pay the state $6.3 million a year in rent and payments instead of taxes. That amount would allow the sports authority to cover interest payments on the existing Giants Stadium, a requirement set by Codey.

Other tenants of the Meadowlands complex also are planning to leave. The new owner of the New Jersey Nets, who play at Continental Airlines Arena, plans to build an arena in Brooklyn, N.Y., and the New Jersey Devils are planning a move from the arena to a new venue in downtown Newark.

nickmacorison 18.02.2005 07:29 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
The stadoium looks like someone dumped a glass box into manhattan. Have some kind of style and get a designer. :D

The Alster 18.02.2005 07:36 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
[quote author=frankie goes to hollywood link=board=1;threadid=8297;start=15#msg176334 date=1108754974]
The stadoium looks like someone dumped a glass box into manhattan. Have some kind of style and get a designer. :D

i think it would look a tad differant when it is built

nickmacorison 18.02.2005 07:39 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
hope so, really like New York as a city, the atmosphere etc. hope the interesting skyline wont be blighted by the stadium.

Guess what, I upset nick halling!!! He is signed on as fatblokeofftelly!!! said I dint like his commentary. Dont really want to be digging up the we hate nick halling theards from last year then...

Boycey 20.02.2005 03:59 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
[quote author=PHILA_Big_Matt link=board=1;threadid=8297;start=0#msg171467 date=1108115240]
[quote author=bigsur link=board=1;threadid=8297;start=0#msg171327 date=1108071531]
Just thought i would continue the trend

Not much really at the mo

Only major thing is that the City wants to build a new stadium for the Giants and try to keep the jets at the meadowlands, not that fair as the Jets future looks quite healthy based on our season, i know that the Giants have Manning who could become a brilliant QB but now we a more complete package

I thought there was going to be a new stadium on the upper west side of manhattan for the Jets and the Olympics and the Giants were staying at the swamp?

There was talk of West Side Stadium being built but i thought the idea got canned due to the amount it would cost etc etc. Love to see the Jets move out of Giants Stadium. We need our own stadium, we're a better team than the Giants now (boy i enjoyed saying that ;))

jamllew 21.02.2005 11:58 AM

Re:New York Jets Thread
[quote author=Boycey link=board=1;threadid=8297;start=15#msg176940 date=1108915187]

There was talk of West Side Stadium being built but i thought the idea got canned due to the amount it would cost etc etc. Love to see the Jets move out of Giants Stadium. We need our own stadium, we're a better team than the Giants now (boy i enjoyed saying that ;))

It hasn't been canned yet- the IOC inspectors are in NY this week and will be taking a look at the plans - as the Jets stadium would also act as the Olympic stadium.

Woolley_Man 22.02.2005 01:44 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
looks like even less chance of the Jets getting their west side stadium

February 22, 2005 -- A company that has been fighting with the city to build a power plant in Brooklyn has made a $700 million offer to buy the West Side rail yards — where the city wants to build a new stadium for the Jets and, hopefully, the Olympics.
The bid, from TransGas Energy, is the third for the site.

Its president, Adam Victor, said yesterday said his company is not necessarily seeking to build over the land, at least for now.

But it's willing to pay the huge amount for the property if the MTA agrees to sign a 20-year contract with TransGas to provide the energy it needs to run its trains.

The city would also have to agree to let the firm build its power plant on North 12th Street in Greenpoint.

If a deal went through, the company would have "no problem talking to the Jets or Cablevision about the land," Victor said.

"To us, the issue is a long-term contract with the MTA."

Victor has feuded for several years with members of the Bloomberg administration including Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, who've been trying to block the Brooklyn plant.

But he insists his offer is not revenge.

"This is about getting the MTA a new source of power," he said.

"We hope Mr. Doctoroff gets the Olympics."

Doctoroff has been the city's point man in its Olympic bid.

The Brooklyn site that TransGas wants to build on is currently set to become the Olympic aquatic center, under the city's proposal. But Victor said he's willing to negotiate.

After negotiating with the Jets for a year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to sell the rail yards to the team for $100 million.

The city also wants to use the stadium for the Olympics and considers it a key element of its bid for the 2012 Games.

Cablevision has waged a battle against the stadium, which would compete with its Madison Square Garden.

It offered the MTA $600 million for the yards, hoping to derail the Jets' plan.

After Cablevision made its move, the MTA opened the bidding to anyone — with a deadline of March 21.

The MTA had no immediate comment.

Revenge of Rypien 22.02.2005 02:48 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
[quote author=frankie goes to hollywood link=board=1;threadid=8297;start=15#msg176345 date=1108755548]
hope the interesting skyline wont be blighted by the stadium.[/quote]

Don't think there's much risk of that considering the height of the buildings round there :D

Maddog 22.02.2005 04:26 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
Jets need their own stadium really, IMO. Hope the proposed stadium goes ahead.
As for our secondary, it does need a bit of a tightening up.
I like our safeties a lot, so really a good corner would do the job.
As for other needs, I think we should draft a young RB and let Jordan do his thing elsewhere. I like Lamont, but prefer C Mart, and feel Curtis has another big year or two in him. If we draft a guy we can let him develop for a year or two and get used to the system and NFL pace and learn from Curtis while Curtis does his usual hard work.
Hope we don't go for Randy Moss. Guy is an idiot. Santana, Justin and Wayne are solid enough for us there, we don't need a big head spoiling the team.
Just my two cents.

Woolley_Man 25.02.2005 05:47 PM

Re:New York Jets Thread
It looks like we are getting Coles back and saying good bye to Santana Moss.I'm over the moon with the thought of having Coles back,he is a pro bowl receiver who should help elevate our passing game.I'm a bit worried about his Toe injury,hopefully he has it fixed before the start of the season.

Jets to trade Moss for Coles

By Bob Glauber
Staff Correspondent

February 25, 2005, 12:03 PM EST

Indianapolis -- The Jets are on the verge of trading wide receiver Santana Moss for former Jets receiver Laveranues Coles, a person with knowledge of the impending deal told Newsday on Friday.

"Stay alert on this one," the person said. "Stay alert."

The deal would reunite Moss with the Jets after he signed with the Redskins before the 2003 season as a restricted free agent. Coles has frequently expressed anger at the fact the Jets were not aggressive in trying to re-sign him, but Jets coach Herman Edwards said that would not be a factor in whether the Jets would attempt to pursue him in a trade.

Edwards did not comment on the possibility of a trade, which can't take place until next Tuesday at the earliest. The NFL's trading period begins then.

"I never take that personally," Edwards said of Coles' criticism about the Jets' failure to re-sign him. "I understand that's part of the process. I'm too old to take things personally at this point."

Moss is in the final year of his contract and is scheduled to make $448,000. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told Newsday earlier this week that he wanted to get a new deal done before the season.

Moss, a first-round pick in 2001, had a breakout season in 2003 with 1,105 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. But he regressed last season, producing just 838 yards and five touchdowns.

Coles produced career-high 90 catches last year, but only had 950 yards and one touchdown. The previous two years, he had produced more than 1,200 receiving yards. Last year, he had 10 catches of 20 or more yards, compared to 21 in 2003.

Coles has a toe problem that limited him last year, although he did not miss any games. He has resisted having surgery on the injury, fearing it might limit, or possibly even end his career. The Redskins had urged him to undergo the procedure, but Coles has declined.

The deal may be delayed somewhat by the Redskins' salary cap situation. Because they would have to take a cap charge of roughly $9 million to deal Coles, they need to create additional space. They are attempting to rework the contract of left tackle Chris Samuels to create more room.

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