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Neptune 19.07.2018 10:01 AM

2018 NFLUK Dolfan Keeper League
If there is anyone still interested, can you let me know if you'd care to have another go?
If you can add your names on the NFL FF site as well that would help. Any newcomers please send me a PM with your email address so that I can send you an invite, I'm pretty sure there will be vacancies but I need to give existing members a chance to come back. The cut off for existing league members to re join will be 12th August.
Draft day will be 2nd September the Sunday before the season starts as is our tradition in the evening.
We can sort out the draft time nearer the date if we get enough interest.
The Aqua and White League will be returning too.

Confirmed Returning Teams

Pounceys Maulers
Watford Phins
Cetacean Nation
Wooden Spoon Warriors
Last Chance Saloon
Wackos Warriors/Wolverines
Upton Underachievers
Jake Long Shots
Blue Lou Fins
Blackpool Donkeys
Yorkshire Whippets
Shula Hoops

capn 19.07.2018 07:58 PM

Hi - Pounceys Maulers will be back for another season if it all goes ahead!

paul516 19.07.2018 07:59 PM

Watford phins are back

Scarl 20.07.2018 05:43 PM

Last Chance Saloon will also be back

cotters78 23.07.2018 11:54 AM

Thanks Neptune - Blue Lou Fins will be back for another season

Mike1989 28.07.2018 12:02 AM

Pretty sure i sent an email to confirm, but after finally get back on the forums I'll confirm here. Blackpool Donkeys back for the season.



Crash11 01.08.2018 05:27 PM

Cheers for running again Neptune- The Yorkshire Whippets announce their return.

kiick-21 07.08.2018 05:44 PM

I’ll be back too Gents, apologies for late reply! Can’t remember my team tho?

kiick-21 07.08.2018 05:58 PM

SHULA HOOPS! Remembered. Count me in if there’s a spot

Neptune 08.08.2018 05:42 PM

Ooh Er Missus
For the first time in an absolute age I have been able to log into this site, I am getting pee'd off being logged out every time and being told to select a new password every time I log in.
Anyway enough of my problems, we have enough people to re-start the league.
So its all go, I have updated the NFL FF site and this excuse for a forum.

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