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imaher 09.09.2014 09:11 AM

Worrying times for the Cowboys
After another embarrassing loss, this time to the 49ers, I'm starting to really fear for the Cowboys. Some people will put Tony Romo's mistakes down to being rusty but I'm concerned that he's going to lose a fair bit of mobility after his back surgery. Dallas need to start planning for his replacement now because we've seen his best years and the time for change is coming fast. The secondary still look like they're going to leak yards and ultimately points. I think we could be looking at a 6-10 season at the very best, the team still have too many weaknesses on the playing and coaching staff.
To top it all, there is a growing level of unrest amongst Dallas fans about Jerry Jones and the way he runs the franchise. You couldn't help but notice the amount of 49ers fans at the game on Sunday, local reports are saying the fans split was 50/50. I was shocked, angry, saddened and outright disgusted that this had happened. Local Dallas fans can't afford tickets to games anymore and a growing number of disillusioned fans are selling their tickets back to resellers making more tickets available to away fans. Soon it will be like another home game for travelling teams with away fans outnumbering home support, something that is totally unacceptable.
This going to a tough season for UK and US Cowboys fans, all I can say is keep the faith and get behind the team, we can certainly make a difference at the Wembley game in November!

Kevan1971 09.09.2014 09:40 AM

I was expecting to lose on Sunday, the way the first half went I was quite happy we only lost 28-17 in the end. Romo did have a mare on Sunday, too many times he tries to make things happen when just throwing it away is the best option. There was a bit of rust too, hopefully he will have a full week of reps and will at least get rid of most of the rust.

As for a replacement, how about Winston from Florida State, he looks fairly good.

I just hope JJ doesn't try and trade for Johnny Football:(:(:(

imaher 09.09.2014 10:40 AM

The way Jerry Jones keeps making quotes about how he missed out on Manziel does make you wonder if he would trade for him. If he believes first and foremost that he would sell shirts then he'd be a typical Dallas signing. I've been looking around a lot of Dallas forums and it seems many, many fans are not prepared to spend their hard earned dollars anymore to go and see the team. The level of discontent, even with truly loyal Cowboys fans, is starting to snowball beyond anything I've seen or read previously. Unfortunately, this team isn't good enough to change peoples perception and lots of fans are calling for Jerry Jones head. When asked about all the red 49ers shirts in the crowd Sunday he replied saying he hadn't noticed because he was too busy watching the game! It seems his main concern is making money, he's not bothered about which colour jersey fills the seat as long as it's filled.
Regarding Tony Romo, I think his star (pardon the pun) is on the wane. His decision making is atrocious at times, if you know you're not 100% fit then don't hike the ball 50 yards down the field! We recovered well from Murray's fumble only to throw the game away by half time. No wonder the defense looks bad at times when your QB keeps turning the ball over like that.

RichardCunliffe 09.09.2014 01:44 PM

I know Sunday was a tough loss, not because of the result, but the way it happened. That said, we need to avoid knee jerk reactions.

We knew the defence would be facing an uphill task this year, but they weren't really over run by a 49ers offence that has a very good OL, mobile QB, a 2 headed running game, and talented WR's/TE's. The CB's need to step up, and maybe they will when they shake off the rust from their limited game time. The investment was made in Carr and Claibourne, and if they can't perform then our pass rush will never get to the QB. It looks like McClain might offer more than we expected as our MLB, but again, lets not get carried away with what we do expect from him. McClain is actually a microcosm of the defence imo, we'll expect the worst or nothing at all, but we might be pleasantly surprised when all is said and done. Our expectations are so low that they'll probably exceed them (in a good way).

As for Romo and the offence. That's what hurt the most on Sunday, the offence that was meant to keep us in games were the ones that threw it away (literally). Romo will bounce back, and Jerry's financial commitment to him means he's the starting QB this year and next at the very least so forget about the Manziel talk (not that Cleveland would trade him anyway). The OL will become a strength, but Smith, Frederick and Martin are all only 23 years old, so again, we can't heap expectations on them either. Murray ran hard, yes he fumbled the ball, but these things happen.

One thing the Cowboys don't need to do is over think the play calling. We've invested in our OL to protect Romo and run the ball. Coming away with 3 points from 2 trips inside the 10 yard line is inexcusable. The run worked, so run the ball until it doesn't. If that makes the opposition stack the box, then that's when Romo can look for his receiving weapons. Obviously we can't run the ball every time, but a 60/40 split will be fine, and in goal line situations just the run the ball, Murray can get 5 yards on 4 carries surely.

I don't think people are far wrong when they say 6 -10, but it'll be a roller coaster week in, week out. We do have to plan for the future at QB (and defence), but that's something to talk about in January, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves as a lot can happen between then and now.

imaher 09.09.2014 02:57 PM

Tony Romo is now in a 6 year (3 + 3 optional) $108 million contract and to be honest I find that quite worrying. He keeps saying he's going to learn from previous mistakes year after year but he never does. I feel pretty confident in saying that in the coming seasons he will not improve on his stats in terms of passing yards, completions, TD's and turnovers. The guy has peaked and with his back injury there's no way he's going to be as mobile as he was. It feels like we are stuck with him, for better or for worse, in a too often dysfunctional marriage. I have been one of his biggest stalwarts over the years and he has made some amazing plays, some that most other QB's could never make. But if any QB in the league can literally throw a game away it's him. The very best all have shockers, It wasn't so long along ago that Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions in one game, but for the very best those games are few and far between. Unfortunately, we can't say that about Tony Romo...

RichardCunliffe 09.09.2014 03:32 PM

Unfortunately there aren't enough Manning's, Brees', or Rodgers' to go around. I'll be the first to agree singing Romo to that deal wasn't the wisest of moves, and his back worries make it even worse. Back surgery fixes an issue that's already there, but the problem is how it happened in the first place. It's generally accepted that back/neck surgery is the start of a slippery slope, so your right, I think we've seen the best of Romo.

That said, Romo is basically 2 for 1 in terms of TD's/Int in his career (209/104), Drew Brees is about the same (364/178). If you look at it like that then it's not like Romo is as bad as he is made out to be. He's had 4 4,000 yard seasons too.

We aren't going to find a QB this year or next who will do a better job for this team than Romo, or give them a better chance to win. We can, if we need to, cut Romo in 2 seasons time, after 2015, leaving us with a $1,500,000 cap hit. If he struggles this year then that looks likely, but if he has a decent, healthy year then I think he'll be here for 3 years, until 2016 when his cap number goes above $20m.

We can actually cut him next year, as a post 1st June cut, and save $9.5m, but I don't see that happening.

imaher 09.09.2014 03:38 PM

There's some funny jokes going around the forums at the moment.

"Tony Romo threw in the towel on Sunday but unfortunately it was intercepted"

That did make me laugh, my humour is very simplistic by the way!

BillBates 10.09.2014 03:06 PM

Lets get this out of the way first "Romo was awful on Sunday".

But I'm not sure we should throw him under the bus just yet. It was his first meaningful action of the season & he let his team down.

Many people have bee saying that he is on the wane, he's been getting worse for a number of seasons, but forget that he threw only 10 interceptions in the whole of last season.

I don't think there's a Cowboys fan alive that thinks this team is Superbowl ready, so I think Romo gets a pass after one poor game. However, if he doesn't improve by mid season we might have more to worry about.

As for his successor, absolutely yes we should be looking now, the problem is if you draft a QB with your number 1 pick you would imagine that half of the fan base would expect him to be playing from week 1, and if he's not great will be labelled a bust.

As for Johnny Football, he didn't even start for the Browns so what on earth makes people thing he's the answer for the Cowboys lord only knows.

Now to the stadium, I guess its a hard one regarding ticket sales, which is better a half full stadium (Dolphins v Pats), or a stadium half full of away fans (as many have been when the Cowboys visit).

The problem with tickets is that many people bought them as an investment, so happily sell there tickets for each game & make money (something I'm sure Jerry would be proud of), the problem with this is that your everyday fan doesn't get those tickets, and the people selling them don't care whether they go to Cowboys or visiting fans as long as they get their money.

It's going to be a problem for any game against a big name team

RichardCunliffe 10.09.2014 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by BillBates (Post 2094338)

As for his successor, absolutely yes we should be looking now, the problem is if you draft a QB with your number 1 pick you would imagine that half of the fan base would expect him to be playing from week 1, and if he's not great will be labelled a bust.

I think Jerry's philosophy on this is he isn't drafting a QB to sit, well at least not for a prolonged period of time. If/when we draft a Romo replacement, I expect he'll see the field before his rookie year is out.

RichardCunliffe 10.09.2014 06:06 PM

Justin Durant being out for 3 or 4 weeks won't help matters. We have others to step in, namely Hitchens, but Durant was calling the shots on D. Rolando McClain played well last week, but we have to hope the added responsibility of calling plays doesn't put too much on his plate at this early stage.

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