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unitedtillidie 01.02.2010 07:57 PM

Name: John
Age: 26
Location: Preston
Occupation: Sign Maker
Favourite current Colts: Manning, Clark, Freeney
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison, James
Fan since: 2004
Why you decided to support the Colts: Me and my mates sat down and picked a team each, they are cowboys and bills fans. I chose the colts because of peytons amazing ability to read a defence and audible at the line. Coaching staff being together so long and total confidence in him making the right decisions set them apart from all other teams
Favourite moment as a Colts fan: The superbowl win in the rain @ miami, hopefully no rain this time around!!!

ScottishColt 26.07.2010 07:36 PM

Been a while since this thread has been posted in but hey-ho ;)

Name - Craig
Age - 16
Occupation - Student
Favourite Current Colts - Manning, Freeney, Addai, Wayne
Favourite ex-Colts - Harrison (Not old enough/been into the game long enough to appreciate the older generations!)
Fan Since - 2007
Why You Decided To Support The Colts - I couldn't get to sleep so went to the livingroom and my dad was watching the football. The colts were playing and I was amazed at how accurate Manning was and also how tactical the game was in general. I was hooked from then on.
Favourite Moment as a Colts Fan - Run to Super Bowl XLIV (not necessarily the game itself mind you...)

Mike Poleski 12.08.2010 02:59 AM

Name: Michael
Age: 19
Location: Stirling/ Glasgow
Occupation: Student
Favourite current Colts: Manning/ Addai
Favourite ex-colts: Marvin Harrison
Fan since: 2006ish
Why you decided to support the Colts: First game I ever played on Madden was with the Colts, so it seems most logical.
Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Winning the Super Bowl especially after the Bears start.

powys colt 01.09.2010 04:47 PM

Name: Darren

Age: 33

Location: Bewdley/West Mids

Occupation: Production Manager

Favourite current Colts: Freeney and Saunders

Favourite ex-colts: Edge

Fan since: 2001

Why you decided to support the Colts: Only part of America i have any connection with is Indiana.

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Watching the Colts at home against the Broncos, was everything i thought it would be and more

dimstar06 10.09.2010 03:22 PM

[QUOTE=unhygenix;990959]Well here's an original idea...

Name: Isaac
Age: 21
Location: London
Occupation: Student
Favourite current Colts: Manning, Clark, Freeney, T Gonzalez, Addai
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison
Fan since: 2006
Why you decided to support the Colts: It was a toss up between the Bears and Colts when they faced off in the superbowl with the winning coach becoming the first black coach to win a super bowl in 2006!
Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Superbowl win in 06.. P MANNING RULES!

chuckdes 11.09.2010 12:19 PM

Birmingham Colts Fan
Location: Birmingham, UK

Any suggestions as to good places to watch the games in or near Birmingham?

Recently moved here, so this is my first season not in the US. How will I cope?

Occupation: IT Consutant

Fan since: 1984 (from the day the Mayflower moving trucks arrived in Indy). I was in grade school in Indy at that time.

Favourite current Colts: Manning, Dallas Clarke, Bob Sanders (when not hurt), Reggie Wayne and A. Gonzales.

Favourite ex-colts: Brandon Stokley and Mke Vanderjact (everyone loves a drunken kicker).

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Oct 31, 1986 Monday Night Football game against Denver I went to. Colts wiped up with the Broncos easily piling up points while all the fans dressed in MNF announcer mask handed out for Halloween. Oh, can't forget, last year's the NE Patriot game that Belichick made a stupid call as he had no faith in his defense and the Colts came back and won (a.k.a. the day the Patriots so called dynasty died). :D

Worse moment: Thinking how much I paid for a Super Bowl ticket last year to watch the Colts lose in the 4th quarter. But then, I guess I'm over it, as I’ll go again this year in Dallas when the Colts get there again.

Go Colts!

northernmonkey59 16.09.2010 02:27 PM

Yorkshire based Colts fan!
Name: John

Age: 25

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Occupation: Web Designer

Favourite current Colts: Manning, Clark, Garcon, Collie, Vinderteri, Saturday, Wayne

Favourite ex-colts: Edge, Dickerson (Colts '80s), June, Harrison, Unitas (one of the real first 'franchise' QB's in the NFL. Played for the Balitmore Colts from 1956-1972, took the team to two superbowls in '68 and '70. Was part of the 'Greatest Game ever played' in 1958 when the Colts beat the Giants in the first game to go into overtime)

Fan since: 2004

Why you decided to support the Colts: Peyton freakin' Manning!

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Superbowl XLI vs. Chicago in 2006. The AFC Championship Game that led to that superbowl comes a very close second.

Worst Moment as a Colts Fan: Superbowl XLIV vs. New Orleans. Worst birthday present ever!! lol

Phatberry 27.09.2010 12:16 PM

Ocupation:CNC Programmer/Future backpacker
Fav current colts:Manning,Collie,Saturday
Fav ex players:Harrison
Fan since:2008
Why the colts?:Col-Colts they have the same colours as my beloved Everton and Cancuks.....its going to sound sad but as a little kid, i adopted a whale called 'colt'haha. Though i have a pull towards the 49ers too.
Favourite moment:bill belichick not tursting his defence against Manning resulting in WAYNNNEEEEE TOUCHDOWN!!!!

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