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MarketgrillatAirstream 26.10.2012 11:19 PM

MarketGrill @ Airstream
Calling all Fans coming to the Tailgate......

Check our Airstream out, we will be serving up New England Lobster Rolls and Buffalo Burgers.

We are located next to the Large Inflatables.

Looking forward to serving up top notch food to you all.

YorkshireBucs 27.10.2012 08:48 AM

How much will the Buffalo Burgers cost?

AZ 27.10.2012 09:03 AM

Free bait for mods.... Cracking ;-)

Will pop along though, sounds like it might fill a hole.

MarketgrillatAirstream 27.10.2012 10:21 PM

Buffalo burgers

Originally Posted by YorkshireBucs (Post 1680554)
How much will the Buffalo Burgers cost?

Around £8, but rest assured it will be worth it!

Neptune 28.10.2012 10:54 AM

Another one for the mods

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