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UKcardinalsfan 07.02.2010 10:07 AM

First signing of the Off Season

So, we go CFL and grab a 28 yo D end/3-4 LB. Don't know much about him, but it's good to see them trying to gather up numbers early on the Defense

mrbyte11 07.02.2010 03:30 PM

we need to be proactive our LB corp is looking like it will be devastated
Okeafor probably wont be back along with Dansby and of course Berry has already gone

Genghis Khan 07.02.2010 04:03 PM

I heard he tied the CFL for sacks last season. Just what we nead IMO, a pass-rusher.

I hope he turns out to be a success.

roser 07.02.2010 07:32 PM

It all looks very promising even if he is CFL, the first of many moves on both off and def lines I would guess.

Don't know much about him but it seems a good bit of business.

Just hope we can bring in another couple in before the draft as if we rely on rookies to fill all these spaces we may struggle next season.

UKcardinalsfan 07.02.2010 07:54 PM

Sounds like they are looking for him to play pass rush LB rather than on the line

roser 08.02.2010 06:12 PM

Yeah just read the link and you're right, he will fill a gap there for sure as we've lost (and will probably lose more before next season) good players but I still think it's the lines that need some strengthening and hope they are working on more new faces.

Is good to see us moving for some early signings but reading the cards site I think the feeling is they have some pretty useful guys lined up who were from the prac squads this year who'll come in for next year. Not big names but I guess the feeling is they can do the job and will give a bit of continuity and wont be a case of just bringing together a completely new unit.

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