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UKcardinalsfan 14.09.2014 08:48 PM

Ginn a worthy return?
So tonight made me wonder something. Ginn had been pretty dreadful until.....hey TD PR. So, I'm wondering, what would you accept as a worthy return on his contract. 3TD Returns? Some offensive presence. What will he need to in your eyes?

b182dammit 15.09.2014 08:43 AM

Ted Ginn has done 1 thing wrong, it is fairly clear what he needs to be doing on his return duties.

Regardless of what he is being paid, right now, I am looking for zero return yards between now and the end of the year.

He needs to be told to fair catch every punt, and down every kick off for a touchback. Our ST blocking is quite horrific, he has no chance back there.

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