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chrisredmond 12.02.2017 01:27 AM

Why the Eagles?
I have been a fan of American Football since the days when the Sunday afternoon game was broadcast live on channel 4 but have never picked a favourite team.

Why should I support your team?

Take it away
*pops popcorn*

RockyBalboa 03.03.2017 10:23 AM

According to forbes the eagles are the 8th most valuable NFL team. Yet they have never achieved the success that they wanted. Ask yourself why they are so valuable, because it is a great franchise!.

Imagine if they won a ring in the modern media spotlight???.

Fanbase is awesome and the team usually has a lot of talent.

+ great rivalries in the best division.

Mcintosh92 11.03.2017 11:00 PM

ill make it short and sweet... I've never loved anything like I do my eagles :cool: family are a close second. :p

But seriously there is nothing like sitting in Lincoln financial field hearing chorus after chorus of 'FLY EAGLES FLY', watching our boys on the field in that beautiful midnight green!

Ricolly 19.01.2018 04:37 PM

I watched Rocky when I was 6 years old & ever since then I have been obsessed with Philadelphia. City of brotherly love, Best fans in the world.

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