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CitrusPlayer 27.02.2015 10:23 AM

Saints Draft Profile
Hi All,

Perhaps strangely Sean Payton has been rather transparent about what his intentions are at the upcoming draft, stating that he is looking for a "CB, then an IL and possible and OL.

If you ask me they really need the outside linebacker, they have a couple of decent defensive ends but otherwise have no threat on the opposing QB. One I would like to see would be Vic Beasley, an extremely athletic dude for his size with a school record that speaks volumes.

If they want another corner then Trae Waynes would be the clear choice for me, again he has a school record that really stands out and had a combine that was equally impressive. The problem is that I expect Trae to be off the boards by the time the Saints pick at 13.

As for Inside Lineman, Danny Shelton is the class choice in the draft for me. An excellent run stopper capable of taking on double teams who has an excellent engine. His combine spoke volumes.

Its very unlikely but ultimately I would be delighted to get 2 out of 3 which would unquestionably require some draft day dealing. There is talk of Mark Ingram leaving, if so perhaps we can deal him to get the new blood that we need.

Any other thoughts out there?

Deano2009 02.03.2015 10:42 AM

I think the Saints will pick up a CB in FA. there are a fair few that we can choose from this off season and maybe at reasonable cost. There's 2 from San Fran in Culliver and Cox that might be a good fit.
We definitely need a pass rusher and there will be a good one to fall to the Saints with the 13th pick I would imagine. A Fowler or a Beasley would fit in or perhaps Bud Dupree. I can't believe the D went so far backwards last year, I would hope Hicks, Jordan and if Galette comes back then they have rebound seasons for sure.

Personally I'd like to see Ingram back with the Saints but obviously that comes down to money. I thought he ran hard and certainly carried the load during the middle part of the season, however he might feel he'll get more money and touches of the ball elsewhere for next season. To be honest I've never been a fan of this running back by committee business that seems to be the way in Nawlins.

CitrusPlayer 03.03.2015 08:50 PM

Hi Deano,

Jr Gallete gets paid too much money IMO. I think we can get the same quality for a bit less coin. I think Beasley is the class act of a large LB group so agree on that score for sure.

I was surprised to see the def slump last year also, I thought it was really on for them but in the end I think the coaching team over complicate things to the point that players were not playing instinctively. It remains to be seen what we will get this coming season, a more simplified system, the same complex system and what the result will be.

Deano2009 04.03.2015 09:05 PM

Hi CP.

The D just couldn't get going at all, I'm inclined to agree that the coaching must have been too complicated, they can't all be terrible players, they didn't seem to know what they were doing. I mean 4th and long at Cleveland with seconds left and then 4th and long in the Dome vs San Fran with seconds left, snuff those two out which we definitely should and that's a couple of wins to put on the record. Keep it simple for next season, all these exotic schemes rarely confused any QB.

CitrusPlayer 05.03.2015 09:19 AM

Yeh, that one v the browns really sticks in the mind, at least Kap had to make a decent throw.

Keep it simple is right, I will be looking with interest for what's happening at training camp when that starts up again.

It shall be good to have Byrd back again and hopefully Vaccaro can return to his rookie form. Combine that with a new high quality LB and we might have something.

lee909 14.03.2015 07:45 AM

Hi all
Its shaping up to be a really interesting draft for the Saints.

Now sitting with picks
R1 13
R1 31
R2 12(43)
R3 11(74)
R3 14(77)
R5 12(140)
R5 18(146)
R6 11(171)
R7 13(205)

5 picks between 13-77 should be enough for moving around the board and grabbing the players we need.

It will be interesting to see if Lelito or Senio Kelemete get the shot to replace Grubbs or if we go with either Scherff or Collins in the first or Erving/Marpet/Jackson/Tomlinson later on to come in.
We will need a RT soon but its not a priority.

I really dont see Beasley or Fowler being on the board a 13,and its iffy if either Shane Ray or Randy Gregory will be either.

I don't think much would surprise me to be honest if Parker/White or Cooper are on the board that wouldn't shock me at all if Payton took one off them.

I have to say im really unsure on Vaccaro going forward,he isn't a true SS or a FS ,though i have heard he has bulked up alot this summer so maybe they are given him a second shot at SS. I have also heard rumours of a trade to Giants for him and Cam

CitrusPlayer 15.03.2015 08:54 PM

Yeh, its going to be fun (hopefully) watching the Saints plot their way through those 5 picks in just over 2 rounds!

I think this will be an interesting year for Vaccaro, he may shine from the potential he showed as a rookie or he may continue to disappoint from year 2. Personally I think he has it, its more of a system problem than player issue for me. Like I say, cant wait to see how the def system works out this season.

I would expect one of the promising LB's to be on the board still at 13 however T Waynes who I also like shall be gone I expect.

Lee, I agree.. One of those early picks must go on a WR what with Graham and Stills out the door.

lee909 16.03.2015 02:40 PM

Im not sure were i stand on Kenny.
My main issue is that he neither a true SS or FS and is best used in three safety sets. I have heard he has bulked up this offseason though so maybe he is putting the weight on to be a better fit at SS and Ryan will use him to blitz like Williams did with Harper.
I have a feeling if this season doesn't start well then Ryan is gone and Allen steps in and we go back to a 4-3 base.

I look at us picking 11th not 13 as two teams before us take the QBs. Players i like that could be there(top 4 wont)

Vic Beasley
Leonard Williams
Dante Fowler
Kevin White

NT Danny Shelton
OLB Shane Ray
WR Amari Cooper
WR Devante Parker
OT/G Brandon Scherff
OT/G La'el Collins

I dont want Randy Gregory,at 235lbs he is small and could easily hust be another tweener like Dion Jordan. If none of these are there id love to see a trade back to around 18-25 and picking up a additional 2/3 rounders.

Then have a look at
NT Malcolm Brown
DT/NT Jordan Phillips
DE/DT Arik Armstead
DE Alvin Dupree
ILB Eric Kendricks

Deano2009 16.03.2015 06:58 PM

I definitely think the Saints are going to throw some curves at the draft. It really wouldn't surprise me if they traded up and only got 4 picks out of the 9. You may think I've lost my mind but the way things are going in Nola recently then anythings possible. One thing we don't need in my opinion is a QB? Brees has got at least another 2 to 3 good years in him and I have complete faith that if the O line keep the pocket clean he'll do the business. Genuinely excited for the draft. Keep the faith WhoDats !

lee909 17.03.2015 09:33 AM

I agree about the QB,though if a good prospect is there in the 5th i wouldnt mind taking him.

I can see both 5ths being packaged for a mid 4th if the right player is there. Same with both thirds for a late second.

Id like Clive Walford in the third myself. Anothee TE out of Miami. The Canes do produce good TE and we could do with a little depth there. I am interested what Payton can do with Orson Charles though

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