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payton3434 09.09.2013 08:58 AM

Gameday Thread
We end up with post game chat spread out between two or three threads all the time. If the rest of you agree with me that it would easier to have a dedicated thread, ask for this thread to be stickied or if you can't be arsed just add Gameday thoughts here anyway!

VS Bengals:

Negative first: lack of a pass rush; the pass D was under pressure because of it the whole game.

No doubt the Bengals dominated the game for the most part, but our D never gives up regardless. The surprise was how calm our O looked.

I thought Trestman's gameplan was excellent; he recognised the strength of the Bengals D-line and countered it running out of shotgun right up the middle, which in turn holds the Mike and stops the DEs running deep.

The O-line did a great job against a very good D. Long is a beast, Mills played better on his pro debut than Webb, Carimi and Williams managed over the last 3 years.

Cutler made the right read all day, the pick happened because of a player grabbing his left shoulder; the deep seam was there.

Gould's record kick deserved to be the difference.

Indiscipline is part of the game; it has held the Raiders back for decades. The Bengals coaches should/will be absolutely livid today.

tedmaul27 09.09.2013 10:44 AM

Jeffrey looked fantastic also.

Ganimal Geordie Bear 09.09.2013 11:58 AM

Who did you think were our best players last night?

Originally Posted by tedmaul27 (Post 1871140)
Jeffrey looked fantastic also.

MVP: Unsure between Cutler, Mills or Slauson? I'd be tempted to give it to Mills just because it was his debut. But Cutler gets my nod.

Unsung hero's: Stephen Paea, who did fantastic against the run.
and Jeffery with 5 receptions from 7 targets.

Let's hope we can do as well next week when the rest of the Sky UK audience gets to see us...

Professor1228 10.09.2013 12:34 PM

GENUINELY optimistic after Sunday

Cannot remember us coming back from an 11 point defecit for a long long time

Ganimal Geordie Bear 15.09.2013 06:40 PM

Gameday Thread
Let's hope we get to see all the action in the 2nd half! Anyone watching coverage other than Sky / Fox? Exciting game so far. Lets hope we can keep AP bottled up 2nd half (until that 36 yd run we'd done well) and cut out our mistakes.

Professor1228 16.09.2013 06:29 AM

what a game !

not a game that should of been that close - thought we were superior in most areas ?

need to iron out some silly mistakes and silly calls

ponder was much improved and that is now 2 games without too much pass rush !

Danny Bear 16.09.2013 06:58 AM

Should never have been that close, when I finally came down from the elation of winning and how we won, I was actually pretty annoyed at what we did.

Not sure why the pass play was called on first and goal on the 2 which resulted in the batted up interception. We had run through them the whole drive. Just punch the damn thing over!

For me Cutler should have taken the sack and protected the ball when chased down by Allen. Looked like he tried to toss it away at the last minute and it got knocked out. His other pick was horrible.

Having said that Cutler was at his best again at the death. Martellus Bennett too..what a signing he is proving to be.

Pass rush....pass what?? Peppers was anonymous again.

We will have much tougher games than that going forward so need to learn from the mistakes. Steelers next on SNF...can't wait!

payton3434 16.09.2013 11:49 AM

So that's what a TE looks like!

O-line played well again.

The ability to come from behind gives us a shot in any game; that's very encouraging.

We shouldn't have been behind! So much momentum and scoring opportunities wasted.

Zero pass rush again. Rodgers will rip our D to shreds in a few weeks if this isn't a blip.

I entirely disagree with Chip Kelly's view of playing Offense, I like the methodical way we are moving the ball, running the clock and resting the D; however when you have momentum you want to force the opponent's D to keep the same players on the field. We have to be able to speed things up when we need to.

I've long wanted big receivers for Cutler and we finally have them, but I would like to see a Welker working in the space: fast feet and the ability to get yards after the catch.

I think we will go 3-0.

Van Davies 16.09.2013 12:36 PM

What a game!

One of the most exciting opening minutes I've ever seen! I agree with most of the comments about the manner of the victory, but the facts are that we're now 2 and 0 after not really reaching our potential. Once we start ironing out these creases, we'll be well away.

AdiBear 16.09.2013 02:00 PM

what a game..loved it,the whole team wouldnt give up..they played at full speed right up till the end...Bennett looked like the TE we have been after since Big Dez was let go..The O-line was great,Cutler was only sacked once the whole game.

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