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Raider12 13.01.2015 11:26 AM

NFC Championship. Green Bay Packers @ Seatlle Seahawks.
Game thread.


GiantMackem 13.01.2015 11:27 AM

Green Bay Packers 20 Seattle Seahawks 29

GuffyPacker 13.01.2015 11:38 AM

Although i would never bet against my own team I can only see a Seahawks win, 100% Rodgers or not. Packers 10 - Seahawks 21

Diamond_Bomb 13.01.2015 11:41 AM

Seattle destroyed Green Bay in week 1, they won't this time but I think they'll still win. Be interesting to see how Rodgers does against that secondary.

Danny Bear 13.01.2015 11:56 AM

Rodgers won't be 100% for this one....if he was, would it tip the balance in the Packers favour? For me it wouldn't.

28-17 Seahawks

kingie16 13.01.2015 12:29 PM

Nervous already! but everyone expects us to lose so no pressure, i won't be gutted if we lose.

We can't avoid Sherman like we did in the first game.

I honestly don't think the Seahawks offense is anything special, If our defense can make a few plays i can see us hanging about.

We are due one against the Hawks...

Pack by 3!


jimbobjoylove 13.01.2015 12:43 PM

Gonna be a different game to the season opener. Defence has taken a step forward, the offence has gotten going, and I doubt we'll employ the same idea of only throwing it over one side of the field. Have to think Rodgers will be a little more fresh too, and Linsley (who made his debut there) will be better prepared too so the o-line is better. We've got a running game to match Seattle too.

What sticks out to me is Luke Willson - Witten had a great game against us on Sunday moving the chains, and surely will try to do the same over the middle against us. Pointless stat, surely this is the first NFL game with two QB/TE combos with the same name, Rodgers/Rodgers, Willson/Wilson.

I for one can't wait to play them. I doubt many will give us a chance, but I'm confident we can give them a game and get a result. Misplaced optimism maybe, but I'm confident in the 2014 Pack and have been all season.

Seattle 27-30 Packers.

LesterHayes 13.01.2015 12:56 PM

Should be a good game but Rodgers needs to be much fitter if the Packers are to have a chance. The lack of mobility could really hurt.

Green Bay - 16

Seattle - 24

HSTDriver 13.01.2015 01:08 PM

Beast Mode.

That is all.

kingie16 13.01.2015 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by HSTDriver (Post 2148646)
Beast Mode.

That is all.

I agree, Lacy should have a decent game! ;)

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