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XbishopX 14.10.2010 06:58 PM

BAFL Collapse
I know it is probably very old news for most of you (Well at least a few months) but for those of you who don't know, the BAFL has been liquidated and Britain no longer has a standing American Football League, unless one has been put in place without my knowing. This presents a problem for the many players and clubs left without a governing body to control standings, games and administration.

I would just like to hear from Coaches and players from around the country letting me know what everyone is now doing about games, because I am rather positive that there are many people still more than passionate about playing and won't let a small stumble like this get in the way.

As much of a challenge it will be to create a new league I believe it is very possible. Maybe even with the help of the NFL, as I'm sure that they wouldn't want the support that is growing exponentially on our little island to fall just as quickly. I know that it's a big thing to think that we may get the NFL directly involved but hey, dream big and why not?

But back to the point, please get in contact

LDB15 14.10.2010 07:03 PM

i know the youth teams are still recruiting which i guess means that some teams are still going

martin3026 14.10.2010 07:28 PM

Old news from last year.

The British League is running and strong and has been since BAFL folded in January!! The BAFL was purely one organisation out of 5 and were replaced by BAFACL. There website is here

XbishopX 14.10.2010 08:05 PM

In hospital, thanks for asking though

Brilliant, thanks a lot lads

satchmo 15.10.2010 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by XbishopX (Post 1214754)
In hospital, thanks for asking though

Apologies XbishopX, response deleted.

Audio 15.10.2010 12:27 AM

Because of this thread I took a look at the Youtube highlights of the last Brit Bowl. There's fantastic football being played! Need to get more people in those stands!

I know... I'm preaching to the choir, right? ;)

I just know that I'd definitely go if I were in the UK.

satchmo 15.10.2010 12:41 AM

We need to promote the game better to attract those who are not already following NFL via TV Sports channels through having an interest of their own. The Britbowl is a great advert for UK football, but the coverage doesn't display the involvement in the sport across the country at all levels and age groups. The level of participation and the standard, the numbers of fans and the associated attendance at premier level games can only have room to grow given the right promotion and development of the sport in the UK. BAFA, the national governing body, are currently conducting a review of the sport in the UK at all levels which will hopefully lead to more participation and support in years to come.

RamsAreTheBest14 15.10.2010 04:13 PM

I wonder if BBC, with their Superbowl Coverage wouldn't mind covering the event on the Red Button... Seems like a logical possibility of advertising the sport... And I have just started training with the Reading Rebels youth team (U16)...

Hester at the 40, 30, 20, 10, touchdown! 15.10.2010 04:58 PM

Phew I was worried for a second after reading the OP

boltonredskin 16.10.2010 08:47 AM

The OP had me worried too!

I can certainly vouch for the British league as a good afternoon's entertainment; I was reporting on the London Blitz last season and really enjoyed myself. As a student £2 for three hours of live sport involving the National Champions is a pretty good deal!

Agreed that it would be good to get more people watching and involved, but not really sure what can be done. The games seem pretty well advertised on here, and some local and free newspapers and such have been doing reports for teams in their areas. Hopefully more media marketing and advertising will help to raise the profile. Once people get to see the product for themselves they'll hopefully be back: it's low price and good fun. The difficult bit, as with anything, seems to be getting people off their sofas and out the house in the first place.

I'll be in the North West next season so hopefully will catch some games in and around that area. Hope to see other NFLUKers there.

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