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Zerovoltz 06.02.2018 11:34 AM

Patrick Mahomes
If you don't know the name yet, you are about to. The golden age of Chiefs football is finally upon us!

I have been a Chiefs fan since about 1986. I have seen the parade of mediocre game managers this team has paraded through town for decades. This is totally different than anything else I have ever seen. He can throw a football anywhere on a football field FROM anywhere on a football field. He has great pocket presence. He scans the field and moves safeties and linebackers with his eyes.

Google Pat Mahomes Baldy Breakdowns. The kid is going to be special.

wayne ellis 06.02.2018 11:44 AM

He will definitely be one of the more interesting stories to follow in 2018. Tough for a QB coming from that kind of Offense to be successful in the NFL, but he showed some promising signs against Denver and the Chiefs clearly believe in him...

iffies 06.02.2018 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by Zerovoltz (Post 2370782)
The kid is going to be special.

He might be, but as long as you have Andy Reid you will always be the Kansas City OneAndDones. ;)

guards1656 06.02.2018 03:45 PM

Wow that’s building up a guy. I’d be a little bit more wait and see

PhilGroom 06.02.2018 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by guards1656 (Post 2370811)
Wow that’s building up a guy. I’d be a little bit more wait and see

The irony is that history tells us with a pretty much cast iron guarantee, one of Chiefs and Texans fanbases are going to be dissapointed in the long term, dispite the good starts. Intrested to see which it will be...

RichardCunliffe 06.02.2018 05:15 PM

He's nicely set up to succeed if they can find him that 3rd receiving option to go along with Kelce and Hill. The O line is solid enough, the runner is there too seemingly. He's got the physically traits. He just needs to master the mental side of things, which as Wayne alluded to might be the tough part given the college offence he was in.

I can understand why Chiefs fans would be excited though.

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