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bluelionman 17.01.2019 07:44 PM

Super Bowl parties - London
Just thought I'd ask if anyone is going out for the big game in London and where - as last year I had plans (hotel booked/travel booked and event ticket bought for a party in Leeds as a bunch of guys from TFP I play fantasy football with where going to the NFL Fans Yorkshire event in a casino there) but when it came time for me to set off to travel up I just couldn't be arsed and blew it out. So that was a waste of 100 notes and got to stay even though I ordered in a pizza it just wasn't the same staying home alone for the big game - even though I did a huge bet on the game so was fully invested in it.

So knowing my lack of discipline to travel further afield than the big smog - I reside in East Surrey - thought I could look at what London has going on... oh how I reminisce and long for the days of Super Bashes!

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