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ecky_21 19.10.2016 02:44 PM

Ticket Location Recommendations....
Hi Jets fans,

Sorry to post on your forum, just wondering if any of you guys could offer any advice on tickets at MetLife.

After weeks of pondering on which game to go to, Rams @ Gilette or Jets @ MetLife the week earlier - i decided on the game at MetLife as i have never been there before.

Been looking on Stubhub & SeatGeek for tickets and the values differ greatly for the different tiers and blocks.

Has anyone been and can anyone offer any advice?

I have sat in the upper tier previously on two occasions at Gillette and once at Monster Park (49ers) and the view has been fine - it not a little distant from the action.

At Wembley we usually go for Club as it in between and offer the height over the pitch but also a little closer.

The second tier at MetLife looks good and the end zone tickets are obviously a little cheaper. Anyone think the upper tier sideline is better option? or lower endzone etc?

Sideline middle tier is a little pricey !!

Hopefully some of you can help me out, maybe even going yourself?

Also as if i haven't asked enough already - anywhere to have a drink with my Mrs pre-game around the stadium?

Good luck against the Ravens at the weekend.

tstb-94 05.11.2016 08:10 PM

Dads friend is a redskins fan and went last year to the met life to watch them, he said the view was fine and he was right at the top, in the gods.

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