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McLovin 09.12.2010 10:07 PM

Choice & Jones
Havent posted on the Boys page for a while, so apologiesfor my absence.

Just wanted to get views on who should be the front runners for the Running Game.

OK, so the Colts are not great against the run, but to see Mr Choice obtain a 100 yard game brought a smile to my face. Can anyone remember the last 100 yard game one of the RBs had, because i cant.

I admire MBIIIs determination and running style, but the only time i would look to use him now is in the Red Zone or on 3rd downs. I know he's out for a while so time will tell whether the Choice/Jones combination works, but for me, its got to be better than what we've had.

Aikman_8 11.12.2010 01:28 PM

I think our last 100yd runner was probably Felix againts the Eagles at the end of last year.

With regards the backfield situation i dont put its failings completely down to the backs. Kosier is massive in the run game for us and hes never fit. Plus the rest of line seem to have forgotten how to run block.

Its looks like Marion might be done for the year anyway so we'll get a good look at the Choice/Jones backfield. Wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see Barber back either TBH, hes on a big contract for a goal-line back.

Its really hard to gauge how bad the running game has been because we've been behind in most games early which meant the running game was abandoned, hopefully we get off to another fast start againts the Eagles and then run it down their throats. :D

NeathBlue 11.12.2010 02:33 PM

Felix had a 100 yards against the Titans this season.

If Barber is done for the season then it's likely he has played his last game for Dallas, maybe last game full stop.

jhhudson82 14.12.2010 08:31 PM

I have to admit its time to go with Jones as the feature back and Choice as the second back! I think with more carries these two will become the attack we all thought they would!

Barber is a short yardage and goal line back! He appears to have lost a yard of pace and cut. I feel he is the sort of team player who will accept this and take his place in the team !

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