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EddieRoyalsBarmyArmy 11.06.2015 12:51 PM

Post 2015
So coming into the New Season with the Super Bowl window for Peyton closing, what do we think for 2016 and beyond when we could possibly be without Manning, Dem Thomas (if he doesn't sign long term) ? Is super Brock up to the task ? Will Latimer improve? Serious concerns about O-Line going into this year since Clady injury.

AlexBronco 10.09.2015 03:56 PM

I think the O Line is going to work. I'd be happy with the playoffs and resigning Von to a nice long contract out of this season! I think it will be Mannings last, although I thought last year was and we have a big decision to make on Brock.

simoncrouch 08.11.2015 07:02 PM

The problem we've got is who could we tempt to Mile High. When we went in for Peyton he had a bad back and had been replaced as starter in Indi by Luck. Everyone knew he was class but the Colts organisation had decided on a new generation.

Part of me thinks we could tempt Eli from BYG but that's not even a medium term solution, could we tempt Newton from Carolina ? He would be my preference. We unfortunately may have to stick in the doldrums for a couple of years, nit like when we had Cutler. Brock is not bad, but not sure he is going to ever be the polished finished article.

I think we can all agree, bringing back Tebow is not the answer.

bigwahoo2190 09.11.2015 01:18 PM

Man if we got Cam that would be awesome!!! After that performance last night, I think we can all agree that Manning is not coming to terms with Kubiaks way of offence. In fairness Peytons been used to running the field, so putting a spanner in the works in this stage of his career was definately going to be devastating.

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