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Football G 04.10.2012 05:42 AM

Haven't managed to catch the Broncos yet so I am definitely tuning in for this one. Have a feeling the pats will edge it but would love to see manning really give them a run for there money.

nepalex 04.10.2012 09:07 AM

Just noticed that Sky have this one as well. So blacked out on Gamepass again for the second week in a row. Hate it!

dddooommm 04.10.2012 09:55 AM

Sucks that the game won't be on GP.

Hoping Denver can roll into this week with the same form they showed last week against the Raiders. Pats looked decent in the second half last week against Buffalo.

Too close to call for me.

Ensign 04.10.2012 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by dddooommm (Post 1659831)
Sucks that the game won't be on GP.

... Pats looked decent in the second half last week against Buffalo.....

6 possesions...6 TD's that's what you describe as being decent :)

Ensign 04.10.2012 04:36 PM

So what happens if on special teams, Gronk hits Gronk? Black hole, they morph into one giant Gronk,

The Milehigh Broncos 05.10.2012 12:25 PM

We have not had a good record of late playing the pats at Foxboro. The patriots havn't looked convincing this year and last weeks 6TD's in the 2nd half was against a terrible Bills defense.

Lets hope we can keep it close and dont be surprised if Manning edges it. This is great, after 5 weeks I will have seen all but 1 of the Brocnos games live. Chargers next well on the BBC Red button as well. Great stuff.

Donnellys Dreamers 05.10.2012 02:29 PM

And then we have our bye and then we are on SNF vs Saints so we are on TV next two weeks as well. Not bad coverage!!!

This is going to be very tough but im glad we have Manning leading us into this game and not ... You know who!!! lol

herrsatz 05.10.2012 02:29 PM


Broncos 38 Patriots 10 :p

Seriously though, I have no idea what is going to happen other than R.Gronk running wild (again). Hopefully Peyton, Decker and Thomas can keep up and the scoreboard gets lit up like a pinball machine. Should be at least 70+ points scored in this one.

JamesGall13 05.10.2012 11:14 PM

Hope Broncos win this one, dislike Brady. Want Peyton Manning to win this show down.

Csna 06.10.2012 11:04 AM

Looks like rookie Tavon Wilson will be starting at the back with Chung interesting to see how this pans out. Wonder if we will see Dowling playing FS at all?

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