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unhygenix 12.10.2009 05:48 PM

Colts fans introduce yourselves!
Well here's an original idea...

Name: Cathal
Age: 20
Location: Limerick/Cork
Occupation: Student
Favourite current Colts: Manning, Clark, Freeney
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison, Edge, Cato June
Fan since: 2004
Why you decided to support the Colts: The monkey on Mannings back that has since been slain and the intense rivalry with the Pats.
Favourite moment as a Colts fan: The AFC Championship comeback.

tomwil93 17.10.2009 06:42 PM

thought i would copy the same idea :P

Name: Tom

Age: 16

Location: Doncaster/south yorkshire

Occupation: Student

Favourite current Colts: Manning, Wayne, Sanders, Bethea

Favourite ex-colts: Harrison

Fan since: November/december 2008

Why you decided to support the Colts: Watched NFL americas game on the 2006 superbowl run, was amazed how tony dungy still led the team to a superbowl title during emotional times (his son taking his own life), i also like the type of offense the colts play fast paced and good :) and of course peyton manning :)

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Dont have one yet, but im just gunna say the superbowl win ;)

whiffena 17.10.2009 08:25 PM

Colts Baby !!
Name: Aaron Whiffen

Age: 23

Location: Poole , Dorset

Occupation: Plasterer

Favourite current Colts: Manning - Sanders - Freeney - Brackett

Favourite ex-colts: James , June , Harrison

Fan since 2004/05

Add Me On Msn - colts fans

why i follow the colts because PEYTON MANNING is god !!! also i hate patriot fans

Coltsfan93 18.10.2009 10:43 AM

Name: Mark

Age: 25

Occupation: IT

Favourite current Colts: DFree, Reggie, Manning, Clark

Favourite ex Colts: Edge

Fan since: 2003

Why you decided to support the Colts: Although I actually had the Madden game for the Sega megadrive in like 1994 I didn't properly start watching the NFL until much later. Having always been big on motor racing and especially the Indy 500 when I then got Madden in 2003 offseason Indianapolis stood out for me. In addition I already was familiar with the Indianapolis Star website ( for the auto racing bit and so I started browsing the Colts section and the Colts forum on there as well during the build up to the season and I've been a Colts fan ever since.

So in fact I had my team before I'd even watched my first full NFL game which is a bit unusual I guess.

Favourite moment: Super Bowl win. AFC championship game win probably a close second or even tied.

tksgtmason 20.10.2009 05:41 PM

Name: Ross
Age: 21
Location: Peterborough
Occupation: Student
Favourite current Colts: Manning, Clark, Freeney, Wayne, mathis, brackett, collie, saturday, sanders, hayden, addai,
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison, Edge, Glenn, Hunter Smith,
Fan since: the 49 touchdown year
Why you decided to support the Colts: I dont know, i just picked them without knowing much.

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: The AFC Championship comeback. i almost turned this off at half time, and then was in tears when mjax intercepted brady.

tksgtmason 20.10.2009 05:44 PM

i remember celebrating the superbowl at halftime, i just knew that after the previous game 18 wouldnt go through that again.

also tony dungy as my favourite colts

KillerKixx 21.10.2009 09:49 AM

Name: Krissi
Age: 22
Location: Southampton
Occupation: DJ/unemployed
Favourite current Colts: Manning,Addai, Freeney, Wayne, Sanders, Clark, Vinatieri, Garcon
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison, Edge James, Cato June, Brandon Stokley, Darrel Reid
Fan since: 2001
Why you decided to support the Colts: When I Got into American Football I found a pog in my house with the colts logo on it, so decided to go with the blue horseshoe! visited florida in 2001 and bought all the peyton manning/colts stuff available.
Favourite moment as a Colts fan: Kelvin Haydens INT in superbowl 42 to seal the deal!

Pettitj 21.10.2009 01:46 PM

Name: James
Age: 20
Location: Peterborough
Occupation: Fraud Analyst
Fav current Colts: Manning, Freeney, Mathis, Sanders, Clark.
Fav Ex Players: June, Harrison.
Fan since:2006
Why the Colts?: Couldnt sleep one night so put NFL on 5 on, Colts were playing some team so I picked them. 3 Months later they won the Superbowl.
Favourite moment: The first superbowl I watched was Bears vs. Colts so I cant get better than that.

noonster 24.10.2009 09:51 PM

Fav current colts:Manning,Freeney,Mathis,
Fav ex players:Harrison,Tarik Glenn
Fan since:2006
Why the colts?:your guess is as good as mine,i honestly cant remember.
Favourite moment:Marlin Jackson intercepts Brady in the championship game sending us to the super bowl,it made it even better because my brother is a patriots fan.

willo1904 25.10.2009 07:22 PM

Name: Chris
Age: 23
Location: Hull
Occupation: Council worker
Favourite current Colts: Freeney, Mathis, Wayne...and who doesn't like Manning?!!
Favourite ex-colts: Harrison and Edge
Fan since: 2003/2004
Why you decided to support the Colts: Very random...but I was on a trip to Copenhagen in Denmark for a football tournament, when at the Sports Bar in the train station there was an xbox with Madden on...bear in mind I had never watched an NFL game before and didn't know any of the teams. I selected random on the xbox and ended up with the Colts. Played a few games, and enjoyed it so bought Madden when I got home and used them on Franschise mode. The first NFL game I watched was when Vanderjacht missed that field goal against the Steelers :(

My first full season of watching the Colts and we won the Superbowl...happy days! I got a Colts jersey for my 21st birthday with #93 Freeney on the back.

Favourite moment as a Colts fan: The AFC Championship comeback. Marlin's Interception :D

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