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Greenbay486 30.01.2017 08:26 PM

Packers Life documentary UK Packers edition
The UK Packers were the subject of an episode of the Packers Life, a new series of documentaries on

The episode gives you an idea of the faces and work behind the scenes of the UK Packers and their drive to unite Packers Fans throughout the UK


packreb 31.01.2017 03:33 PM

This popped up on my facebook the other day, not had a chance to get round to watching it yet.

Will be sure to at some point though

Bennny 01.02.2017 09:22 AM

Thanks enjoyed that..

GavStaffs 16.10.2017 10:19 PM

UK Packers
Great film guys, so much passion for the cause and dedicated hard work is what has made the UK Packers such a success, well done and keep up the good work!!

Go Pack Go!!

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