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Raider12 11.10.2018 01:04 PM

Week 6. Jaguars @ Cowboys.
Game thread.


nick_chicane 11.10.2018 01:14 PM

Jags win. No one can seriously think our offense can beat that defense.

The fact the Jags have Bortles will keep it close though. Jags 20 Cowboys 13.

RichardCunliffe 11.10.2018 01:40 PM

If anyone is a fan of defensive dominance (or offensive incompetence) this is the game for you!

Ok, it might not turn out to be that bad but defence is definitely going to be on top here.

FG's and points from turnovers are going to decide this.

Pedal Bin 11.10.2018 03:59 PM

Jags should win but four of the five starters on the O Line are carrying injuries, the fifth is on IR, his back up is listed as out this week so it is the third string in to start at LT - but at least he is healthy! :D

Fournette is still out, his back up Yeldon is on a dodgy ankle, the third string (Grant) went on IR this also along with TE Seferian-Jenkins who was one of the better run blockers for us. So we have signed Charles who might have some tread left on the tyres. Not good for a team built on "run first".

Hopefully our O line can keep Bortles upright long enough to make the odd throw.

So over to our Defence to win it for us again.

We were so lucky to avoid big injuries last year, less Robinson on IR after two snaps and a torn ACL, and the Long Snapper also an ACL. Paying for it this year it seems.

Lonestar1963 11.10.2018 05:13 PM

After a shaky start the Cowboys O Line seems to be settling down and playing like they need to,and with Campbell et al they need to step up again. Looking like another grinder! Can't see much joy for Elliott against the no 1 run D but the Cowboys D will keep plugging away. Jags will be looking to bounce back-how bout a soccer score? 7-3 Jags

Parrott1971 12.10.2018 10:12 AM

Well if you like Defense this will be the game for you. Be really surprised if anyone cracks the 20 points barrier.

DarwinTheAardvark 14.10.2018 12:47 PM

Jacksonville’s mounting injury concerns make this one harder to call than it originally looked, but their Defense should still be able to carry them to a fairly routine win.

Cowboys 14 Jaguars 23

RichardCunliffe 14.10.2018 09:18 PM

This team and staff have received a fair share of criticism this year, especially the offence, but they are playing lights out today. Everything is clicking.

Look well on their way to 3-3.

nick_chicane 14.10.2018 09:19 PM

Dont jinx us! :D

Looking surprisingly good right now though.

RichardCunliffe 14.10.2018 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by nick_chicane (Post 2387169)
Dont jinx us! :D

Looking surprisingly good right now though.

I take no blame for a 2nd half collapse! :D

All about momentum, confidence and ball control (wearing down the D).

Dak clearly feeling more confident. Build a lead, and suddenly you can make 'brave' 4th & 1 calls too.

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