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Ollyrules 07.01.2019 06:37 PM

To be honest I thought both QBs played pretty poorly - Foles made some horrific throws but did ok on the final drive.

Trubisky was horrific for three quarters - and the Bears offence barely moved the ball all day. He should have been picked off three times - how they dropped that ball in the end zone I’ll never know. He really needs to improve this off season if the Bears are to take the next step

goodkarma84 07.01.2019 09:16 PM

Foles (not that it was a big night for him and the D were key) fit this O pretty well but Wentz is the more talented guy, so it makes things interesting going forward.

keeping him comes at a high price but they have needed him 2 years in a row.

European Bob 07.01.2019 09:57 PM

I would definitely keep Foles if I'm the Eagles. Wentz is still on a cheap contract and has not demonstrated he is durable. It's not a waste of money for Foles if you need him!

lee harris 10 08.01.2019 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by European Bob (Post 2391945)
I would definitely keep Foles if I'm the Eagles. Wentz is still on a cheap contract and has not demonstrated he is durable. It's not a waste of money for Foles if you need him!

the problem the Eagles have is there are currently projected to be $12m over the cap and they have to exercise the Foles '19 option in early Feb and if they do his $20m salary becomes fully guaranteed in early March.thats a lot of money invested in a guy you hope doesn't even need to start.

Fole's can also opt out of the contract after March as well in case some one makes him an offer he can resist even though he seems best suited with the Eagle's but with more Andy Reid guys getting jobs who knows what QB needy team could turn up.

lee harris 10 08.01.2019 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by djhdjh (Post 2391926)
That on top of Barnet beating Sheffield United? What a day of sport.:D

Nigel Bradham had the game of his life. He is our top linebacker, regardless that Jordan Hicks is generally considered that.

Trubisky remains their weakness. A good QB would have put more on us comfortably, it was only once Maddox kept hunting for picks and getting burned that they got anything going.

Still, we're off to New Orleans. If we can cover a 40 point spread this time, that would be grand. Fly, Eagles, Fly.

its still amazing that the Eagle's are playing into January when you think how much there secondary is made up of back-ups and nothing like what they had this time last year.

enjoyed this game with defence's been on top and think for the Bears it shows how much there offence/QB still has to grow.

not sure the Bears throwing the ball 43 times with only 18 runs was the right game plan.

lee harris 10 08.01.2019 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by nick_chicane (Post 2391920)
Disappointed with this. I'd have preferred the Saints having already played them and beaten them. Better to play someone you know.

got to agree the Cowboys might have been better suited playing the Saints indoors with how well they played on the Thursday game than going out to LA but also the Saints at home are a different team.

djhdjh 08.01.2019 06:35 PM

In fairness our secondary wasn't all that great last year.:D Once we got Maddox back fit and Douglas got up to speed our outside corners are pretty much on a par with our starters anyway. Arguably shows what you can get away with at free safety in the right system, I'm not convinced of the value of that position unless you've got a great one.

Foles can also buy his way into free agency for $2m, so it's not fully up to the team even if we could somehow make the cap work.

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