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WillyTrencher 28.10.2009 11:13 AM

Lions Fan Club
As I mentioned on another thread I'm happy to set this up and administer it (until there are thousands of us obviously :)) so that we can get it up and running.

My thoughts are that in the early stages it should represent no more than a focal point as we have much of what it could provide available to us here on the NFLUK Lions dedicated forums. However a Fan Club does give us the chance to increase our sense of belonging and may well help us in terms of recognition with the Lions even if at this stage they don't seem interested in us :(

The good thing about setting this up ourselves is that it can be and hopefully will become whatever we want it to be so feel free to make suggestions in this thread.

The idea I have at present is that it should be free to join, that we should have a membership card & number, maybe a monthly newsletter, a get together at least once a year, a player of the year vote and maybe an annual organised trip to Ford Field :)

The only other idea I had was that the name for the Fan Club be: "Born Free" - The Unofficial UK & Ireland Fan Club of the Detroit Lions

So far WharfedaleTiger, Lions4777, Deanali & IrishLion09 have indicated they would be interested which makes 5 (including me :o). Is it ok if I say that when that number gets to 10 we get things set up?

Please feel free to discuss and air any views/ideas.

IrishLion09 28.10.2009 02:04 PM

I Really Like the Name,10 is ok with my humble self so I await the feed back and look forward to many more Lions fan coming onboard.:)

WharfedaleTiger 28.10.2009 04:57 PM

I like the idea of it and the name, one suggestion would be a website (just to act as a focal point, but of Lions news on it and what we're doing with it) but other than that it seems like a good idea...

Lions4777 28.10.2009 05:58 PM

All sounds good to me, be good to try and get some links to fans in Detroit through a group so that anyone making the trip can over there can have contacts. I'm not sure I'd be able to do annual trips, only got the go ahead this year sio I'd shut up about wanting to go!

Deanali 28.10.2009 06:03 PM

All sounds good to me! As Mills Lane said "Lets get it on!"

Kim Mitten 29.10.2009 09:44 PM

I'd be really interested to join a Lions fan club, be good to meet other Lions fans, maybe at a venue showing NFL games one Sunday.

lionsfan123 30.10.2009 11:10 PM

I love this idea and would love to help and to be involved.

WillyTrencher 23.11.2009 06:43 PM

We've won our second game :D so what better time to give this thread a bump ;)

If my calculations are correct I need 3 more to get this up and running :)

ToxicLion 26.11.2009 02:28 PM

i'd join, be good to contact the Lions themselves aswell never know what you might get

and as previously mentioned a site which can be updated by all of us is always a bonus

WharfedaleTiger 28.11.2009 06:25 PM

Thought I'd give this another bump... how many more do we need? Could we set up a webby/mailing list?

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