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charlesp 11.10.2011 03:45 AM

Game Pass 2011 - Condensed Games
Hi everyone, for those that know about it, it has turned out to be a very popular feature. So thought it would be helpful to open a thread about it. For those of you that have not heard from others yet on the forum, we released a new feature currently titled Condensed Games last week.

What is Condensed Games?
Condensed Games will allow you to watch every play of an entire game in under 30 minutes. Condensed games will only include the game action from snap to whistle. Condensed games will exclude commercials, huddles, timeouts, and any downtime between plays.

When will Condensed Games be made available?
This will be available for every regular season game, all season long. On NFL Game Pass now, we've posted condensed versions of all games dating back to Week 1 of the 2011 regular season. Note, some games may run past 30 minutes for a variety of reasons (overtime, high scoring games, penalties, booth reviews).

Where can I find the Condensed Games?
Simply select any of the 2011 regular season games from the NFL Game Pass navigation. Once the game begins to stream, hover over the video screen. In the video control bar, you will see buttons for "FULL" and "CONDENSED". By default, the Full game version will play. Simply click the "CONDENSED" option and the condensed version of the game will begin to play.

When will Condensed Games be made available on a weekly basis?
Editing games into the condensed version will take a bit of time, and we expect to have these versions available on a weekly basis some time Monday afternoon for the Sunday games, and Tuesday afternoon for the Monday Night Football games, and Friday afternoon for the upcoming Thursday Night Football games. For UK audiences, condensed games are also subject to the same weekly blackouts as the full games.

What about the full game versions?
Subscribers will continue to have access to the full game version in the archives (commercial-free) in addition to the Condensed games option. Timing of the full games available in archives remains the same as before.

Why did you remove Big Play Markers?
Big Play Markers will not be included for Condensed version of games. However, Big Play Markers will continue to be available for the full game version of every game as normal.

What about making Condensed Games available on Mobile and Tablet?
Condensed games are currently only available for NFL Game Pass online. We are actively working to make these available within both the Android and iOS mobile and tablet apps soon, hoping for sometime in November.

Why do I have to wait so long for Mobile/Tablet access?
We're working as hard as we can to make Condensed Games available on both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. There are some complexities for each platform and the various devices that we want to make sure Condensed Games work well before releasing.

Why are you releasing this feature so late?
To the contrary, this was not an advertised feature for this season. We've been working on Condensed games feature during the preseason in hopes of making this available for the 2012 season. However, the results turned out so well that we wanted to make this available to subscribers straight away!

We're continuously refining how we edit the condensed games on a weekly basis, but we're excited to be offering subscribers this new feature. For the hardcore fan who wants to watch every game of every week, you can now do so in less time and without missing a play!

As with everything else, please let us know what you think!

rakacha 11.10.2011 08:31 AM

It is an amazing feature.

I'm currently watching the MNF game, so you guys are quick as well.
Good editing, looks better, less "jerky" than the game I watched last week. I don't know if it's caused by the gazillion penalties flagged or by leaving a couple of seconds before the snap and after the wistle.

Maybe a little more replays ?

So , bottom line : great stuff.

ndchester 11.10.2011 06:04 PM

Sounds an awesome idea. Can't wait for it to hit the IPad! What's next!!? Would be great to have more "on demand" content. There are some great programmes on like "a football life" at the moment that people may miss at the moment due to time differences.

ndchester 11.10.2011 07:31 PM

Okay, just watched Bengals v Jags in 30 mins. Fantastic. Great as it is. No need for replays, that's what the 10 second rewind button is for!

go_browns! 11.10.2011 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by ndchester (Post 1428740)
Sounds an awesome idea. Can't wait for it to hit the IPad! What's next!!? Would be great to have more "on demand" content. There are some great programmes on like "a football life" at the moment that people may miss at the moment due to time differences.

Sounds like a great idea, in fact when i've typed this I'm off to watch a game from the weekend!! :D
Agreed with ndchester, more on demand stuff such as America's Game would be the icing on the cake, but that's for another thread.

Mark_Duper 11.10.2011 08:38 PM


What a fantastic new option these condensed games are!!

Having every week watched 6/7 games on Game Pass in the early days of subscribing, it got a little too much the last year or two.

The last couple of years I stuck to 4/5 games a week and even that isn't always easy to fit things in around other stuff.

WOW, it seems to have come at the right time for me, I was actually always using the 10 sec f/f all the time seeing as the DVR controls are so responsive.

Great work. I sometimes have to pause for a quick breather its so intense or even just to locate my brew or beer from the table. :D

Donners 12.10.2011 03:39 PM

Amazing feature. Watching an entire game in 30 mins is just perfect!!! Thanks

johnst1981 12.10.2011 04:49 PM

Just used this to watch the Chargers v Broncos - very impressed.

Usually there are match-ups I can't be bothered to sit through/don't have the time to watch a whole 90 min archive. Now I don't to, brilliant stuff.

Statto00 13.10.2011 08:33 PM

Having been a bit unsure whether I should subscribe before the season, the addition of the mobile app and this feature have made me thankful every day for the ?40 a month!

lukiebaker 14.10.2011 04:17 PM

Just wanted to say, an excellent addition by Gamepass, I love this feature! Actually, the product as a whole has been flawless this year, no complaints at all. Normally people will only talk about Gamepass if there's a problem with it so nice to see some positive messages for once. Well deserved.

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