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catpickle1 06.09.2012 10:08 AM

Cowboys v Giants Your Throughts?
So whats everyone thuorghts o last nights game??,

Me, i well chuffed to be honest, was definatly a good all round performance, highlights for me were -

Tony Romo - excellent game, looked great in the pocket, he threw one bad pass all night
Our Recievers - Im thinking we have probabbly the best reciever core on the NFL!, bryant, ogletree, Austin, witten and Murray if needed!, they ALL cant be covered!
Demarco Murray - brilliant perfomance, liked the way the cowboys went to the pass early on as running game was strugglying, the success in the pass opened up the running game later, which he took full advantage of!
the D! - Ware awesone as always and good to be we have two pretty good corners now so hopefully the deep ball wont be a big problem!
WE DIDNT CHOKE! - big game, away from home and we played well the full 60 minutes!

only low point for me was -

PENATLIES!! - way too many, nearly givcing up a length of the field in penatlies is not good and will bite us if were not careful, (saying that who'd have throught we wouild converted on 1st and 30!!)

well played lads!!

cra1g72 06.09.2012 11:09 AM

agree with everything you said. I've commented elsewhere only negatives were the penalties, 13 is far too many and a couple of those could have been decisive.

I hope that as O-Line becomes more familiar hopefully those numbers will drop.

Still I'll take 13 penalties every week if it means we come away with a 'W'

Parrott1971 06.09.2012 11:42 AM

Have to agree with what has been said, the 13 penalties were the only real negative. Given time the O-Line should settle down a bit, there will still be penalties of course, but if we still get the win, we will take it.

colonelp 06.09.2012 12:29 PM

I echo what you have all said. The cowboys had a solid game throughout and with 2 decent corners it will be more difficult to rack up high passing yards against them. Romo looked good and mobile when he needed to be. The main negative was too many flags and Witten looking a little rusty at times.

nflcowboys 06.09.2012 04:23 PM

Yeah the penalties got very annoying, but Romo kept making the big play, so it didnt really hurt us.

Murray and Ogletree looked good. Very happy that, at the moment our new corners look much better than we have had for ages.:cool:

Aikman_8 06.09.2012 04:37 PM

All pretty much said all that needs to be said. A great win and gives me hope that we can be competitive in the East this year.

Felix Jones is done, you can stick a fork in that guy. Legs have gone.

boys101 06.09.2012 08:49 PM

I thought we were great last night romo Murray and the defence who i thought were amazing as a whole have progressed from last year but it was the play calling and adjustments being made during the game which we have been poor at, which was the most pleasing. The o/line does need work but it is a unit which takes time to develop there is no quick fix for that and the pens have to improve but nothing new there. To beat the Gaints at last, no silly errors, and players stepping up to be counted love it lots to be positive about.

Sportsdude360 06.09.2012 11:45 PM

Opposing defensive backs will lose sleep over Ogletree.:D

MrWaters 07.09.2012 05:29 PM

It's so nice to know that we have won and now be able to just sit back and enjoy all the all the games for the rest of week 1. No nerves :cool:

Larza 07.09.2012 10:04 PM

The best thing for me was the defense not giving up any huge plays.

Looked solid everywhere....except that O Line, the centre and gaurd positions scare the bejesus out of me.

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