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Raider12 31.01.2019 01:10 PM

Super Bowl 53. Game day thread.
Well folks hope its a good one.


iffies 31.01.2019 01:12 PM

Go Saints...oh, wait.

lee harris 10 31.01.2019 08:22 PM

so can the Patriots finally get a 1st quarter superbowl TD for the 1st time with Brady.last year was the 1st time they scored points with Gostkowski's FG.

the only big injury seems the Rams kicker who has a sprained foot on his plant foot that they seem to be managing.

we might be seeing the last game of Gronk's career if the reports are to be believed but he has looked as healthy as he has been all season so hoping we see more of what we saw in Kansas.

LesterHayes 01.02.2019 01:23 PM

Not the Superbowl I wanted to see. The Pats have all the experience, the Rams have most of the players. As a neutral I'd just want to see a game worth staying up for but the Pats are in it so I'm not a neutral!

Pats 20 - Rams 27


manic_matt 01.02.2019 02:29 PM

Screw the neutrals, I want a Super Bowl that doesn't take years off my life!

Pats by a very comfortable margin, please!! :P

iffies 01.02.2019 03:36 PM

Strangely not fussed about this one. Normally would be whoever is playing the Patriots obviously, but Talib and Peters makes the Rams hard to root for. I'll settle for Brady being snapped in half by Aaron Donald.

liam66 01.02.2019 07:24 PM

I hope there will be no more attention given to the controversies of Conference weekend (Well aware that just by making the point I've brought it up again! :p ) and we can enjoy a Super Bowl between two good teams.

Should be an entertaining game. Looking forward to watching Brady and co. vs the Rams D-line. I think that will have as much bearing on the outcome as any of the on-field battles.

ToonPatriot 02.02.2019 11:35 AM

This could well be Brady’s last SB (which sounds an odd thing to say given he’s managed to attend the last 3).

I’m hoping for a win that goes against the usual trend of his SB’s, as people have already mentioned - scoring a first Q TD drive and coming away with a comfortable margin in the end would be nice.

Having said that, I’ll take any form of win :p

wayne ellis 02.02.2019 12:02 PM

A reminder of last year’s game thread, where Lonestar almost won a bet and there was a lot of moaning about the catch rule... :)

Ollyrules 02.02.2019 12:25 PM

I have absolutely no read on how this game will go - I can see a shootout akin to last years game, or a real battle akin to the Seattle super bow against the Pats. Don’t really see a easy win either way, although like Manic Matt my heart could do with an easy Pats win :p

I’m a little (tiny) but more relaxed about this one - Brady and Belichick’s legacies are set, at this point they can only add to it (as they have done just reaching this game), unlike the Seattle super bowl where they needed to win to help cement their legacy.

Whatever happens it’s been a great season for both teams, hopefully they both go out and put on a great spectacle - it’s been a great ride as a Pats fan again

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