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Phat_Pats 14.12.2005 11:11 PM

WWE Thread
Can't find the old one, so heres a new one.

Whats everyones expectations for Armageddon?

Is Booker going to sweep?
Will Orton win again?
Whats gonna happen with the Inter Brand match?

For me, Booker wont win, and as much as I'd love to see Orton win, he's beat the Taker too often in "Takers Matches" Takers gotta win one sooner or later...

DarloPaul 15.12.2005 09:00 AM

Re:WWE Thread
Are you mad? Taker always wins the big ones. its what he does, buggers off for a few months, comes back - wins the big comeback match then loses a lesser one where the light infantry division have to interfere to keep him down.

Wish he;d sod off and retire.

Booker may well sweep - Benoit's contract is up, he hasn;t signed a new one so this may be him going the same way as Jericho and Christian over recent months. Ever since that oaf Laurinatius took over talent relations they've let some talented performers go and pushed jacked-up nimrods in their place. >:(

looney2001 15.12.2005 06:27 PM

Re:WWE Thread
aaah wrestling. i used to love that 'sport'. nowadays i realise how fake it is, but the actors are actually very good entertainers. i used to love the Undertaker and Kane, especially when the Undertaker used to have the Last Ride as his finisher, however i think it got banned cos it was slightly dangerous! The 6 way hell in a cell match was awesome too, when the 'taker pushed Rikishi off the top... those were the days...

Phat_Pats 15.12.2005 07:14 PM

Re:WWE Thread
Those were the days when WWF was getting poor.

For me, best days were Austin vs Rock circa WM XV

Monie 15.12.2005 08:30 PM

Re:WWE Thread
WWF peaked with Ultimate Warrior v Hulk Hogan unification title fight.

Steed05 15.12.2005 09:07 PM

Re:WWE Thread
I used to love WCW when there was Goldberg and Sting and those guys. Then I watched WWF and it was immense with The Undertaker, The Rock and Stone Cold.

Then everything changed. It might have been me realising I am too mature to watch men wrestling. But it wasn't that because I still liked the wrestling and got excited hearing the about the big matches coming up. It was the crap about families and stuff that was awkward to watch.

I used to watch wrestling when anybody was in the room as, apart from the blood, it was nothing that bad. Then I had to watch the repeats late at night because it wasn't wrestling anymore but a bloody soap except with loads of massively built guys rather than Pat Butcher etc and made me feel stupid I was watching it with family/friends.

The wrestling was what I watched it for not the terrible acting as two wrestlers stand in a ring fighting over a lady. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't moaning seeing Stacy Keibler ( ;)) and other lovely ladies in a ring or even actually wrestling but when they started marriages with the wrestlers and then left them for another wrestler or when, for example, Kane started stalking that Lita chick. I don't want to see Kane stalk women I want to see him get in the ring and kick some metaphorical ass.

Basically, more wrestling less personal stuff and I would have kept watching. ;D

MITCH T 15.12.2005 10:10 PM

Re:WWE Thread
Agree with you Melkor, that coupled with weak storylines and all the good wrestlers leaving and being replaced with average ones was what caused me to stop watching it

Delonge 15.12.2005 10:27 PM

Re:WWE Thread
Wrestling isn't as good any more!

The major names with the big stories aren't good like they once were!

John Cena is my fave wrestler atm, but his rivalries don't compare to the old ones involving stars like: Stone cold, The rock, Old school Kane, Mankindetc!

And bless Eddie G. Who died recently! He was a good wrestler, who really earned his place at the top after years in the lighter divisions, like wcw and before!

He was a great and obv. his style will be missed! : :'(

kraken 15.12.2005 10:29 PM

Re:WWE Thread
[quote author=Monie link=board=8;threadid=15643;start=0#msg371871 date=1134678630]
WWF peaked with Ultimate Warrior v Hulk Hogan unification title fight.

Spot on! ;)

Phat_Pats 15.12.2005 10:38 PM

Re:WWE Thread
Gotta love Cena, Pats fan 8)

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