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celt67 31.07.2009 02:38 PM

Barcelona new stadium proposal..
Check out Barca's new stadium proposal...crazy!

Vincent 31.07.2009 02:40 PM

Holy crap. How the hell would you be able to see anything from the top tier if it holds that many people? Amazing stuff.

godsPackers 31.07.2009 02:42 PM

Looks impressive to say the least!
Pompey were gonna done somthing like that at one point! ( smaller scale tho)

Spadesaregood 31.07.2009 03:58 PM

Very impressive.

Lord_Levy 31.07.2009 04:02 PM

Was this not dismissed in favour of a Lord Foster number a while back?

I thought this stadium had got the green light?

That was a couple of years ago, was that stadium shelved?

Crash11 31.07.2009 05:12 PM

Would be sad to see the Nou Camp go. One of the truly great stadia to be found anywhere in the world.
....but as a replacement that ain't half bad.

Philly86 31.07.2009 05:30 PM

WOW!!.. Looks Amazing :)

vann_mcelroy 01.08.2009 07:40 AM

New stadia are notoriously difficult to get built in Spain, the olympic one was beset by problems, and now Valencia are having trouble with thier Mestella which is already 3 months overdue.
This one looks great, but I think its gonna be a long while before we see it.

Probably a lot of stuff to plan as regards to safety, if there is a fire , will it be surrounded by lifeboats? lol

No Mo Romo 01.08.2009 12:33 PM

By the looks of that they could set sail around the world and play games in the middle of the atlantic if they so wish. My god this happens all the time when teams win silverware, they think they are untouchable and they come up with ridiculous ideas that in the real world when they finally put some real thought into it, it is impossible to achieve. The money alone to build a man made island to withstand the load from the stadium would be astronomical.

Manic Patriot 01.08.2009 01:14 PM

It looks like the Fins should play there.:)

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