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Punky QB 08.07.2014 07:28 PM

NFLUK Bears Fans Fantasy League on
NFLUK Bears Fantasy League

Bears Bowl Ring of Honour:
2014 Champions: Sheffield Bears
2015 Champions: Peterlee Bears

14 teams, 1 league, 8 playoff teams, 1 champion

NFLUK Bears Fantasy Teams
Who Bears Wins (Punky QB)
Da Bears (05bolasj)
Camp Forte (Bearsfanathalashall)
Bearing Down (dscook999)
Shrewsbury Bears (alonso11)
Sheffield Bears (HEthatHASnoNAME)
Yorkshire Grizzlies (markgt)
Forte MPH (Kennyb3)
The Black Unicorns (triphazard)
Birmingham Bears (nicksharma1123)
Peterlee Bears (pkhap)
Nottingham Bears (Strum88)
Scare Bear (kymie)

2016 Draft Time: TBC

The above list show the teams that competed during the current/last season - and in sign up stage they will be given first chance to stay in the competition for the following season.

***CONFIRMED*** obviously indicates those teams that have confirmed on this thread, or to me elsewhere, that they are returning.

Activity Rules: To keep the league as fun and competitive as possible please try to attend the draft or make a priority list if unable to attend and stay active throughout the season. There are no hard rules on this but any GM with an extended period of inactivity/league contact will be replaced the following season.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list for an open slot the following season, please post your interest and in the result of an opening we will fill it based on the list priority.

P.S. Apologies to anyone who's name isn't beside their team name, I'll get there eventually :D

*** GM Waiting List ***
Foxys Bears

Punky QB 09.07.2014 09:04 PM

I set up a 20 team h2h league, details below.

We can vote on rules once the league is almost full.

League Name: NFLUK Bears Fans
League Website:

To allow other managers to join your league, send them the League ID# and Password below.

League ID: 2337866
League Password: nflukchicago

A lot easier if you click and input the League ID and Password above.

Strum88 11.07.2014 11:51 AM

Yeh id be up for this if there is room.

pkhap 15.07.2014 05:29 PM

Just Joined.

Looking forward to it.

nicksharma1123 19.07.2014 08:31 AM

Is there still room I would like to join??

Punky QB 19.07.2014 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by nicksharma1123 (Post 2072459)
Is there still room I would like to join??

Yep, still room, 4 joined so far from various parts of the UK. Log in to and then click the link above, should take you right to it.

nicksharma1123 20.07.2014 03:23 PM

I click the link and it says there is an error and I don't have permission to view the page... Is there anyway you can invite me directly?

Punky QB 20.07.2014 09:33 PM

Should be easier for those having problems to click here

Then put in the league id and password above.

triphazard 21.07.2014 05:00 PM

Great idea setting this up. I've just joined (team name: The Black Unicorns).

One idea though might be to agree a draft date and (rough) time soon so those that can't make it can drop out and free up space for others who want in.

In my experience it's best to do the draft as close to the season opener as you can really. You never know who's going to get injured (or charged with a DUI etc) So, just putting this out there, how does the last week of August sound?

Punky QB 21.07.2014 05:25 PM

I've put a poll on the league site for a date that might best suit everyone on the weekend before Regular Season Week 1.

If anyone or group has a preference for another date or time, feel free to post it. I'm happy to do any date at all.

I was thinking probably 8pm or 9pm draft start as most people are starting to settle down for the night around then, thoughts?

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