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Ensign 06.07.2015 02:03 PM

Visiting from Toronto

Going to Toronto in September for some Red Sox games (sucker for punishment this year) and am tempted to try and get to the Bills Pats game.

I don't drive but found I can get the Greyhound bus getting to Buffalo about 10:30 on the Sunday, how difficult is it getting to and from Orchards Park?


daveb79 10.07.2015 03:13 AM

Very. There is no public transport to the stadium. The nearest bus stop is about a mile and a half away and involves walking along the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway. You could try rally bus. They organise busses from Toronto to the stadium. The only problem is they cancel it a week before if there is not enough interest. I'm fairly certain there is other companies that do charters from Toronto. Also wear a pats top At your peril!!!!!

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