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bigwahoo2190 23.10.2015 07:08 PM

Broncos 7-0?
This is my first thread on this forum.

As this week is our bye week do you think we can come from two weeks without a game, to beat the Packers, we have a strong defence that have smashed our offense in scoring, and we still have Manning that is working to come to terms with Kubiaks plays and play style, although he still pops up when he's well in need, and Mcmanus' kicking is on point that enabled victory against Browns last week.

So are we going to be 7-0, or will Packers beat us to the punch.

Also not forgetting we didn't lose pre-season, making our win tally to 10-0 this season.

Statto00 29.10.2015 01:12 PM

No. Flipping. Chance. Something significant will need to have happened in the bye week for us even to have a sniff on Sunday.

AlexBronco 02.11.2015 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Statto00 (Post 2228160)
No. Flipping. Chance. Something significant will need to have happened in the bye week for us even to have a sniff on Sunday.

What was it that happened then? :D

bigwahoo2190 09.11.2015 01:10 PM

HAHA, Haven't been on in a while but this made me laugh. What a blast from the past the Packers game was... but it gave us the hangover from hell, as we screwed up big time!

BritishBronco 09.11.2015 01:27 PM

I'm more surprised our unbeaten record lasted as long as it did, the number of times we scraped a one score win or relied on major plays like pick sixes which normally only come along rarely. Even last night we needed that punt return TD in the last few seconds to even be in touch at the half. Offense has been better last two weeks though, particularly against Green Bay. Last night wasn't great but still an improvement on the first few weeks, would have been enough for a W if our D had played like it did the rest of the season

bigwahoo2190 09.11.2015 02:24 PM

I agree I think the Def struggled, and I feel that our O almost depended on the def to pick up the points that they miss, but last night just didnt run that way. Big issues, at one point I thought Manning was playing for the record and not the game, and Talib... Well what can I say?!

Lonestar1963 11.11.2015 10:19 PM

Talib is a liability, hope he has learned his lesson, on the other hand i dont think the D struggled-they still look the best i,ve seen this season, just caught the Colts on a good day-they knew it was hard to pass but i thought Gore was brilliant-so explosive, i like the Broncs to go all the way this season despite this:D

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