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Neptune 19.07.2018 09:56 AM

2018 Aqua & White League
Okey Dokey
Here Goes
Lets see if there are enough of us left on this imploding site to manage another year of FF.
Put your names here if you are interested. If you can add your names on the NFL FF site as well that would help. Any newcomers please send me a PM with your email address so that I can send you an invite. The cut off for existing league members to re join will be 12th August. RUN RUN RICKY you can have HCF's slot as he is not coming back (I still need a pm).
Draft day will be 26th August (2 Sundays before the season starts as the Keeper League is always the Sunday before the season starts) in the evening.
We can sort out the time or a change of date nearer the time if we get enough interest.
The Keeper League will be returning too.

Confirmed Returning Teams
Phin Phlickers -Bryanod
Dansbys Disasters - Capn
Watford Phins - Paul516
Cetacean Nation - Neptune
Unsquishable Fish - RunRunRicky
Last Chance Saloon - Scarl
Big Black Violators - Paul_Dixon
Wackos Wolverines/Warriors WackoJackoUK
Upton Underachievers - Deli
Blue Lou Fins - Cotters78
Blackpool Donkeys - Mike 1989
Flying Fish Kiick -21

RUN RUN RICKY 19.07.2018 10:52 AM

Cheers dude - I've sent you a PM with my email for the invitation.

My username on is runrunricky

FF team name is Unsquishable Fish

capn 19.07.2018 07:58 PM

Hi - Dansby’s Disasters will be back for another season if it all goes ahead!

paul516 19.07.2018 08:00 PM

Watford phins are back

bryanod 20.07.2018 09:40 AM

Phin Phlickers reporting for mid-table mediocrity duty.

RUN RUN RICKY 20.07.2018 02:39 PM

Unsquishable Fish for me!

Thanks for the invite, Neptune - it says the league is currently full so I can't join up yet. The league settings may need tweaking slightly to delete whoever has dropped out.

Neptune 20.07.2018 02:59 PM

Blimey You Are On The Button Today!!!!!!!:)
Should be okay now, I have deleted two teams. Sorry for the delay I'm juggling being Commissioner for both the A&W League & the Keeper League.
It'll be easy once things get going:eek:
Let me know if you have any problems or fancy a Keeper League team if one becomes available.

Paul_Dixon 20.07.2018 03:54 PM

I'm in for another year

Scarl 20.07.2018 05:44 PM

Last Chance Saloon will also be back

cotters78 23.07.2018 12:09 PM

Blue Lou Fins will be back for another season. Thanks.

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