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Turbills 14.10.2015 04:48 PM

BILLS hotel
Hi guys, does anybody know in which hotel the Bills will be staying?

Thanks a lot,


BuffaloG 14.10.2015 06:23 PM

There are a number of normal options. And no, you wont get near the team, so it isnt worth even bothering knowing.

Turbills 14.10.2015 06:57 PM

Thanks for your friendly reply. I actually got near all the teams I saw in London at their hotel. Got pics with several players and loads of autographs. The only one who denied me a pic was Brady, although he signed.

Enjoy the game.

stocksy 15.10.2015 09:29 AM

Id agree with Turbills here...

NFL players aren't premier league players, they are much better with fans and wont get swamped here...

if you know the hotel and what the players look like you will get some autographs and photos.

The teams are not heavily guarded by security and they wander freely round the grounds usually.

MSilva 20.10.2015 05:44 PM

They are at the Grove Hotel

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