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FallenFlyer 08.02.2016 08:46 AM

So Beastmode has announced his retirement.

I'm sure no one is really too surprised. I'm not even sure its to the detriment of the team as he can be a difficult character. Yet he has been the catalyst for greatness. The Beastquake woke Seattle up as a football loving city and it lead to Super Bowl 48. he'll be missed and we will all remember him fondly.

Questions. Does he go in the Hawk ring of honour? Should his number be retired? Will he make the Hall of Fame?

johnstrac 09.02.2016 08:46 PM

Yes, no, no.

liam66 24.02.2016 10:32 PM

Having Beast Mode as our running back has been wonderful. He was one of the top backs of the last decade and I think the best in the league over the past 3-4 seasons. I remember feeling really enthusiastic when we traded with Buffalo for him and he exceeded everybody’s expectations.

The Beast Quake run was amazing - I will never tire of watching it. Amongst his other great plays, the similar run (although not quite as good) against Arizona near the end of the ’14 season was also brilliant to watch.

To answer the questions: He absolutely belongs in the Hawk Ring of Honour as he might be our best ever running back. I loved Shaun Alexander too, but he was aided by a great O line - Marshawn was his OWN O line! My initial reaction to his number being retired was no. But then I thought about how important and central he was to the franchise’s FIRST Super Bowl; the face of the offense the way a franchise quarterback is to other teams. You have to do a lot for a franchise to have your number retired and maybe he has earned it. I cannot see him being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the induction process itself seems a little complicated and we all know Marshawn became famous for his reluctance with the media and being fined for his Touchdown celebrations - generally he was quite anti-NFL. Therefore I think the politics of the NFL will get in the way even before Hall of Fame voters begin to look back at his career. If you were going to make a case for him to go to the Hall, as well as what he achieved in helping the Seahawks get a first Super Bowl, I found it interesting to read how similar his numbers stack up compared to Hall of Famer Earl Campbell (my favourite stat is 4.25 yards-per-carry). And Marshawn achieved everything he did in a pass-heavy era in the NFL.

I’m certainly going to miss watching him play for the Seahawks.

Any more thoughts? :)

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