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uk49ersfan 22.01.2011 10:01 PM

Will the 2011 draft be shown on sky (or highlights)?
does anyone know if the 2011 draft be shown on sky (or highlights)?

boknows34 23.01.2011 12:59 AM

More likely to be live on ESPN like last year's coverage. I'm not sure what happened with highlights last year as I watched ESPN's live Thursday night coverage (Rd 1) then followed the rest of the draft live on

Kase 23.01.2011 10:39 AM

it probably won't be shown on Sky as NFL Networks draft coverage set is usually covered with advertising logos....

23.01.2011 10:55 AM

I watched it through last year

Razors Edge 23.01.2011 11:05 AM really sorted their stuff out last year and it was very easy to watch online, as was the Combine.

mde203 23.01.2011 11:56 AM

I had it on, although the best days of the NFL calendar should be given pride of place on British TV ;)

andy32uk 23.01.2011 12:35 PM

if i remember last year they had some seriously BIG coffee mugs with advertiseing on them on the desks and all sorts which would make british advertising lawmakers flip, although espn could be a possible due to the irish loophole

matt-n_94 23.01.2011 04:20 PM

the coverage was great last year, and it will hopefully be the same again this year, especially now hank is running the site.

packerbully 24.01.2011 06:12 PM

watched it on both and espn to get the full picture. Great stuff. Would imagine the same this year.

LeedsCowboy 24.01.2011 06:17 PM

I booked ESPN last year because i didnt want to risk my internet connection going down.

I prefer the coverage from NFL Network and was gutted wen i managed to watch rounds 2 onwards online with no problems.

Still made a good night thou. Beer, food, beer, beer n some draft watching.. brilliant... roll on this yrs draft

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